Causes of the American Revolution


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The American Revolution was when the colonist in America declared Independence from England, and then fought to win it. Socially the colonists got a wake up call. The Enlightenment and The Great Awakening sparked tensions between the colonist and their mother country. And to make it worse the British passed a multitude of taxes on the 13 colonies. Some taxed paper others taxed tea, and in the end the Boston Massacre sealed the deal. The British policies and actions were simply intolerable, and the colonists had every right to strive for freedom.

Quartering Act 1765

In order to seize smuggling going on in the colonies King George III passed the Quartering Acts. The British soldiers were allowed to search colonist's homes with Writs of Assittances. The colonists basically had no rights over there house. By law the colonists were forced to feed and house any British soldiers.

Townshend Acts 1767

2 years after the Stamp Act Parliament passed the Townshend Acts for again, more tax money. The act taxed all basic day to day items including, oil, tea, glass, paint, lead, and glass. The Sons of Liberty again responded by boycotting all the items.

Boston Massacre 1770

Things in Boston began to heat up again, this time because of the Townshend Acts, a particular colonist started to verbally assault a British soldier. The one colonist quickly grew to a mob and the British called for back up. The mob began to throw snowballs and rocky until the soldiers fired killing five of them. The event became a critical piece of propaganda for persuading other colonies to get upset with their mother country

Tea Act 1773

After the repeal of the Townshend Acts King George III left one tax proposed by the Townshend acts, tea. At the time The British East India Company was on its last legs. The Tea Act gave all trade on tea to the company. Although it made the price of tea lower, the colonists were mad for a different reason. First off, any tea company besides the BEIC was closed down and the colonists were given no rights over who they could buy tea from.

Boston Tea Party 1773

The colonists became furious with the Tea Act and the Sons of Liberty had the perfect response. In protest the Sons of Liberty illegally boarded ships and dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. They dressed as Native Americans dumping so much as a million dollars worth of tea into the water.

Coercive Acts 1774

Parliament found the Boston Tea Party unacceptable in every way. They went on to pass the Coercive Acts called the Intolerable Acts by the colonists because of how harsh they were. The law stopped all trade between Boston and Britain , canceled all town meetings, andgave Britain ultimate control over the colony.