Family Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness

Dear Families,

We care about your mental wellness and your family's well-being. We all have times when we feel stressed, angry or in crisis. Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) suggests *4 Levels of response that can guide and support you and family members when feelings become big or intense. The goal is to stay connected and be aware that situations change, and feelings can escalate. For mild rumbling of feelings. Level 1 - playful engagement can redirect behavior quickly. Playful engagement can sound like - "Are you asking or telling?", "Would you like to try that again?". Level 2 - helps when the behavior or upset feelings persis - giving two choices can help calm and give structure to the situation. Level 3 - when feelings intensify it's hard to think or make good choices - connection, movement and support are important at this level. Level 4- when behavior or feelings become unsafe we need a plan to support the physical safety of your child or family members - create a plan in advance of the need. School counselors and Licensed Mental Health Professionals can help develop safety plans and there are community resources that can support. We have included some of those resource links below. What's important is connecting and supporting each other when feelings get big.

Parents and caregivers, it is important that you determine what is safe and helpful for you and your children and that you supervise all activities. When appropriate and/or necessary, please consult with a physician before attempting any of the strategies. For more info, go to our SMORE LINK

If you have specific social and mental health needs, concerns, or questions, please reach out to Let’s Talk at

*Based on Trust Based Relational Intervention - IDEAL Response.


Austin ISD Staff

Four Levels of Response

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Things to Know

Mental Health Resources

Crisis Resources:

For Mental Health Emergency: Integral Care MCOT: 512-472-4357 (HELP) or 911

Stop Abuse for Everyone: 24-hr SAFEline: Call 512-267-7233 (SAFE)

Text: 737-888-7233

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Mental Health Matters

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Trust Based Relational Intervention - Ideal Response

TBRI® Animate: The IDEAL Response©

Connection is the Key

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