Trident Gum

How the Best Gum Got Its Name!

Greek Mythology.

You might think they just came up with name out of the blue but on the contrary they created their name from Poseidon the Greek God of the Sea.

Why Poseidon?

The reason it relates to Poseidon is because Poseidon is usually depicted holding a trident. His trident brought many water sources to Greece. The connection is that Trident Gum quenches your thirst as did the trident for Greece. Also the trident has strong powers as does the gum because it fights bacteria and whitens teeth.

More about the Trident.

The reason the Trident is powerful is because one bang to the ground and it can cause an earthquake, sea storms, and tidal storms. So you can say that trident gum once put into your mouth kicks in with a bang of flavor and teeth protection

Fun Facts About the Trident

The word trident in greek mythology can be broken down to two base words "tria" and "donti". "Tria" means three and "donti" means tooth.

The trident also created horses proving how powerful it really is.

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