By Logan Grosclaude

Where he is from and his age

La Libertad. He is 16 years old.

Living condition

Poor, and unfair. Whole neighbor hood is a dump and full of gangs.

Family life

His older brother physically and emotionally abuses him and his younger sister. He threatens them if they tell that he would stab them. His mother treats his brother like he is the king, and she doesn't know all the illegal things he's done. They are a very poor family, and the mother is very strict.

What inspired him

He was really bored and desperate for something to do to get him out of his house and away from his brother, so he joined a club full of people who were older than him, and they were talking about children’s rights and stuff, so he started to try to make changes with his community.

This person inspired me because even though his brother always threatened him with weapons and did illegal things to him, he refused to give in and he fought until he couldn’t fight anymore.

Has he been threatned

Yes, his brother does very illegal things and threatens them if they tell, he’ll kill them
Question: The question I would ask Beto is why he misbehaved in school.