Live and Grow on "Planet Gold"

Super Earth comes in clutch

Welcome to a New Planet with New Possibilities!

Your current living planet is no longer stable, but Planet Gold has all the necessary living conditions and space needed. Over population would not be an issue with all the space that comes with Planet Gold. Though the weather is always 32 degrees and under, we have enough ways to keep warm and this also is better than the planets plates melting and losing the surface because of the heat and melting. Since Planet Gold is farther away from its sun, we would get only a third of the energy we have now. The good news is that we could use different techniques from modern technology to preserve energy and contain it. Another small problem would be that we aren't aware of what the surface is like but that isn't a problem considering it's a "super earth" and they should have similar surfaces. These small issues won't hold us back from a new chance at a better life. Join us now and you could be on the next rocket to Planet Gold.

Far travels but not much change!

Planet Gold is about 500 light year away but with our new reinforced and travel expansions, we can go at a steady speed of .1C, we will arrive in about 8.7 million years. Our weight would be the same considering the gravitational forces are the same. Our age would be 42 if your currently 15. The length of a year would alter from 365 days to 130 days so our age would increase faster.

Diagrams of Planet Gold including the forces and rotation.

Scientific Known Facts



Mass:______________________5.9722 x10^24 kg_______________________?? kg________

Acceleration Due

To Gravity (g):______________________9.8 m/s/s_________________________9.8 m/s/s_______

Average Distance

from the Sun:__________________150,000,000Km______________________37,000,000 km_______


Temperature:____________185/331 (min/max) K_______________________32 C_______

Length of a Day:________________________24 hr.__________________________________???_______

Length of a Year:_________1 year (365.25 Days)____________________.365 earth years_______

Number of Moons:__________________________1___________________________________?________

Number of Rings:_________________________None_______________________________None_______

How old would a 15 year

old person be if you lived on:________15 years____________________________42 years______

How much would a 50kg

person weigh if you lived on:___490N / 110 lbs.________________490N/ 110 lbs.______

The Golden Scientists

Just trying to save the people in the world and give us a new chance.