La Vernia ISD

Superintendent's Message - September 5, 2017


As we enter the eighth day of school, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for an incredible start to the school year. Your concerted efforts and synergistic actions are evident in the way that our students are interacting with their peers and teachers. There is a heightened level of excitement as they start this school year.

The past seven days, I have spent a great portion of my time meeting and greeting our students, staff, and parents. I am on a mission to acknowledge no less than 50 students, staff, and/or parents a day with a High 5, handshake, compliment, or a simple smile letting them know that they matter and that I am happy to see them in La Vernia ISD.

During Convocation, I shared the Superintendent Super 7, which are as follows:

  1. Provide a safe learning environment centered on the social and emotional wellbeing of all students.

  2. Be a Dream Maker and take the lead in creating meaningful everlasting memories.

  3. Know every student by name and need.

  4. View every student through optimistic lenses.

  5. Have high-expectations of all students.

  6. Spark creativity by embracing curiosity.

  7. Share 5 encouraging words and/or interactions a day.

The purpose of the Super 7 is to serve as an aligned set of Student-Centered expectations to hold ourselves and others accountable to. Each of you experienced the power of a High 5 or compliment when I asked you to acknowledge your colleagues sitting to the left and right of you. There was instantaneous laughter and joy and it was hard to not smile, which transformed your level of energy. If everyone does their part (440 employees), we can bring over 2,200 positive human interactions a day. That is over 11,000 a week! Imagine the positive impact that we will have on the students we serve if everyone commits to 5 Encouraging Words and/or Interactions a Day.

Jon Gordon, author of the Energy Bus, shared that in order to transform the culture of an organization into one that inspires, encourages, and empowers others on a daily basis, we have to be committed to bringing out the best in others by bringing out the best in ourselves. Rachel’s Challenge does just that. As a school district, we committed to Accepting Rachel’s Challenge and to start of chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Our students’ heart felt excitement and desire to make a difference is evident in their eyes. By accepting Rachel’s Challenge and committing to the following;

  1. look for the best in others,

  2. dream big,

  3. choose positive influences,

  4. speak with kindness,

  5. start your own chain reaction,

we will be the example that our students need to live a healthier and more successful life.

I look forward to what this year has to bring. Remember that together, we are the catalysts of change and transformation that our students depend on. Let’s commit to doing whatever it takes to see our students soar not only academically, but through their social-emotional well being as well.

Have an amazing week shaping the minds of the brightest students in the state of Texas and beyond.

Go Bears!

Jose H. Moreno, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools