That Includes Aliens

Why Aliens Should Have Rights!

Everyone should be able to live calmly .We should give anyone a chance to live on with us and have rights.zCitizens should be givin a chance to live with us!!John Adam is the reason this is happening.John Adams is even threatning to kick them out or make them leave during wartime.Instead,they should kick him out for being unfair.

We The People Should Have A Say In This!!

We should Have A Vote On whether or not they can stay or go!

Any kind of person should be able to live freely.This is truly unfair and cruel because they did nothing to deserve this.John Adams should let every citizen vote on who gets to say and go.Adams is just a cruel person for doing this.How could he live with himself !

We Have The Right to Vote!


Join me if you believe that John Adams is being unreasonable !

Petition With Me !!!