A Bear in the Forest

Body Systems Survivor Challenge

Necahual gets lost in the forest and encounters a ferocious bear. Here's how her body systems help her out while she runs from the beast.

The Aokigahara forest, also known as the Suicide Forest, the Sea of Trees, and Japan's Demon Forest, is very dense and one can get lost easily if they leave the official trails. Aokigahara is located near the base of Mount Fuji. Now enter Necahual, a local who wanders off a trail and gets lost. She isn't that worried until she encounters a bear...

Necahual's tale:

Necahual Hayashi was lost. It was a fact that she unhappily accepted after twenty minutes of restless turning around, calling out for help, and several panic attacks. Once she calmed down, Necahual decided that the best plan was to walk in a straight line in the direction she thought was where she came from. She was wrong.

As Necahual walked, she began to doubt her prior plan. When she pondered whether she should scream for help, she didn't pay attention to the forest floor much. If she had, the ending of this story might be very different.

Necahual tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. She sighed and inspected her now bleeding knee. Necahual stood and looked up to the sky, hoping that she would escape the forest soon. In one way, her wish was granted.

A few hundred feet ahead of her, Necahual spotted a dark silhouette. She started jogging and shouting out, "Hei! Watashi o tasukete!"

As Necahual got closer, she realised that the stranger was not in fact a human, but a bear. She stopped dead in her tracks at the bear's grunts of aggression and backed up slowly.

Then, it charged. Necahual's scream pierced the quiet in the dark of the woods. With no other choice, she ran and didn't look back because she could hear its pants and growls behind her.

Necahual ran and ran and ran until her legs gave out and she collapsed to the ground. Her heart beat rapidly as she tried to slow her breathing. Necahual took several deep breaths and looked up at the sunlight glaring into her eyes. With a grunt, she lifted herself up and observed her surroundings. The trees were smaller and less dense here, and even a few birds watched her from up in the treetops.

No longer could Necahual hear the bear, but she did hear...voices?! "Hei! Tasukete! Tasukete!" she yelled. Her throat was so dry it hurt to speak.

"Wareware wa kite iru," one voice responded. In a matter of seconds, three people approached quickly.

"Watashi wa, ushinawareta to kuma wa watashi o oikake," Necahual breathed.

"Watashi o hozon shite itadaki arigatogozaimasu. Ikimashou," Necahual stood and followed after the strangers who had saved her, grateful to be alive.

Some of the body systems:

Skeletal System

The skeletal system is the framework of the body, made up of bones and connective tissues, which protects and supports the body tissues and internal organs. The skeletal system supports and protects the body, produces blood cells, and stores minerals. While escaping from certain death, Necahual's skeletal system allows her to get up and run. It provides shape, allows movement, and protects organs.

Respiratory System

The respiratory system controls breathing and collecting nutrients for cells, like oxygen. Without it, we would die immediately. During running, the respiratory systems expands and contracts faster to get more oxygen to give to the hard working cells. Fortunately, Necahual has a healthy pair of lungs that allow her to outrun the bear.


Hei! Watashi o tasukete!=Hey! Help me!

Hei! Tasukete! Tasukete!=Hey! Help! Help!

Wareware wa kite iru!=We're coming!

Watashi wa, ushinawareta to kuma wa watashi o oikake.=I got lost and a bear chased me.

Watashi o hozon shite itadaki arigatogozaimasu. Ikimashou.=Thank you for saving me. Let's go.