Becca E. Regehr

5th hour

Hobbies and School Activities

I play the clarinet and am involved in band, both marching, concert and pep band. Along with the music theme I am also a Buhler Singer which means i am also in choir. Music is one of my main hobbies because its something I can do almost anywhere. Other hobbies include riding my many horses and supporting my cousins while they play all the offered sports imaginable.


I have lived in Buhler and the district my whole life. So I started school in kindergarten like every normal kid and went to Buhler Grade School through sixth grade. For seventh and eighth grade I attended Prairie Hills Middle School. I currently attend Buhler High School and plan to finish out my high school career here. After high school I will most likely go to HCC and after that maybe K-State or other large state schools
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I am an only child and live with my mom Beth and my dad Darrell. I have nine cousins who are very sports involved so, I send lots of my time with and watching them. My grandpa lives out side of Buhler and my other grandma lives in Hutchinson so I visit them regularly.


I tend to get injured pretty often but its not typically as severe as breaking a bone like this summer. For example I fell down the stairs and rolled my ankle last year during the musical. Other than that my life is pretty good.

Contact info.

My mom Beth Regehrs number and our home email.