The History of Basketball

By:Terrance Warner

In 1891, a game called basketball was invented by a man named James Naismith, which causes him to this indoor basketball thing to a whole other level.

The first basketball game was played with a soccer ball with 9 players on each team. The next decade or so equipment of the modern game was established .In 1897 the number of players per side was set to 5. There are 1 center, 2 forwards, and 2 guards.

The first professional teams emerged in the northeast. The first ever professional league was formed in 1898. Three teams had a major impact on the league who are The Celtics, The New York Rens, and The Harlem Globetrotter.The Celtics an all white team had a great and memorable clash with an all black team The New York Rens.In 1932-1933 The New York Rens had won 88 straight games. In the 1930's, Harlem Globetrotters dominated with their superior ball handling. Basketball's premier league was founded in 1949. The NBA was unchallenged until the ABA came along.

ABA competed against the NBA for top players but collapsed under financial burden. 4 ABA teams only went to the NBA. In 1936 basketball made its olympic debut. Leagues in Europe, Asia, and Australia was developed.The USA dominated but the quality of the outside dramatically developed. World championships were established in 1950 for men and also 1953 for women. 1980's - 2000's The most dominate players of the game were Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone and Stocking etc. In 2002 Yao Ming was the first ever non- american to be in a top pick in a NBA Draft.

The NBA has improved a lot as you can see. They have improved on courts, baskets, and arenas. It has came a long way from the late 19th century all the way till now.