Cluster Newsletter

October 2015


It is amazing how time flies, I can't believe it is October already. The students have gotten off to a great start. In October, the first and second grade students will be working in Microsoft Word learning all about the program and working on keyboarding skills, letter identification and story telling. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be learning all about internet safety so that we can get ready for using the on-line tools. In addition to online safety the students will be learning how real world safety applies to internet usage as well. Towards the end of the internet safety unit that we are working on, I will be sending home the Acceptable Use for Social Media and Internet Safety Policy for my classroom. I ask that all parents read, and sign the Acceptable Use Policy. The first tool that we will be using in the 5th Grade is an online collage and slideshow maker. The 4th graders will be completing private online discussion boards also known as electronic sticky notes using

Please feel free to contact me at

Have a happy and safe October!!!

Mrs. Ostrow


Dear Parents,

September was a great start to the 2015/2016 science school year. Kindergarten through fifth grade have set their goals for their units of study. Our hands-on science is in full swing. Pre-k is beginning a unit on sinking and floating. They are really enjoying coming up to the science lab. Kindergarten students should really begin to look at their surrounding environment, primarily the trees and the changes they are going through. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns @

Happy Fall

Mrs. Dolan

Have a wonderful Fall!!!


Dear P.S. 52 Families,

We are off to a great start! Most of the children have brought back their signed library permission slips and have begun taking out books. We have so many new titles to choose from and more new books are coming in soon!

If you haven’t already signed the library permission slip please do so as your child can not check out a book without your permission. Let your child’s teacher know if you need another form or if you would like it in a language other than English. Remember to encourage your child to keep the library books in a safe place and return them on time. The children may keep their book for two weeks but they can return it sooner if they are finished with it.

All Summer Reading brochures are due now. If your child completed the Summer Reading Challenge sponsored by Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein they will be presented with an award from the Assemblywoman at a special ceremony. Parents are welcome and will be sent an invitation once a date is set. Remember to make sure the brochure is complete and put your child’s current class on it before handing it in.

Finally, if your child has Library this year, please send in a folder for them to keep in the library. Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy Reading!

Ms. McCabe

Physical Education

Dear Parents,

I hope your children have adjusted into their new routines. A bit of news from the Physical Education Department. Second graders will all be given the opportunity this year to attend SWIM FOR LIFE. This is a free program that teaches second graders basic swimming and lifesaving techniques. It is a ten session program. Some of our classes will be starting in mid October. If you are the parent of a second grader and you have any questions regarding the program please contact me at

Our School Walk for Diabetes is scheduled for Nov. 12th. Flyers will be sent out soon. Please try to participate for a great cause.

Thanks, Ms Novella

Fall Fun


Art classes are off to a great start, as children are using elements of art and design and applying their creativity to beautiful projects.

Currently in art, all grades are learning about elements of art and design. Students in Pre-K through second grade are making collages, drawings and sculptures with lines. Third graders and fourth graders are exploring how lines can create Op art. Fifth graders are using lines, colors and patterns to create paper sculptures, after which they will explore Op art and linear perspective. All grades will move into color theory towards the end of October.

Color theory should be very exciting, and will require lots of painting, so donations of paper towels and baby wipes for the art room would be greatly appreciated!

I am really amazed at how each child is applying his or her creative and problem solving abilities to each project in a unique way. I want each student to realize that his or her own creative voice is emerging and developing with each new project. I look forward to sharing the students’ artwork with you in upcoming exhibits.


Mrs. Gordon

Art Links

*Here is a link to an interactive website that lets children explore the Moma and P.S. 1 Museums

*Here is a link to the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts so that you can read more about the expectations and requirements in visual arts education in NYC:


Greetings Parents & Guardians,

Students have begun preparing for the upcoming Winter Arts Festival which will take place towards the end of December. The purpose of this event is to share a little bit of what our students are learning in regards to the visual and the performing arts. This will include a small concert, where Music students in grades 1 to 5 will each perform a song for their families and classmates. Members of our 5th grade school chorus, the 5th Grade Sheepshead Singers, will also perform a few songs to demonstrate their musical growth and hard work so far this year.

At this point in time, we are learning how to produce the best sound possible while singing alone or in an ensemble. Keep the learning process alive outside of school by having your child demonstrate their repertoire for you as they practice at home for this big occasion.

As we get closer to the P.S. 52 Winter Arts Festival, notices will be sent home letting you know when you can come and see your child perform. If you have any questions regarding the Festival, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at

Musically Yours,

Mr. Mack

Music Teacher

Fantastic Fall Festivities


Dear Families,

Happy October! As all grades continue to build their class ensemble please don't forget to go over the classroom contract with your child and return it to me by Friday, October 2nd. Only one copy of the contract needs to be returned, the other copy is for your records. If your child needs an extra copy of the contract, please have them see me in room 304. For those of you that have already sent in classroom materials, thank you. Please continue to send class materials if you have not yet done so. Below is a detailed list of what your child needs to bring:

1-201, 1-203, 1-204, 1-216, K/1/2-104

A Box of Tissues OR a roll of paper towels OR a bottle of hand sanitizer

2-240, 2-242, 2-243, 2-246, 2-244

A Box of Baby Wipes OR Lysol Wipes

3-217, 3-218, 3-239, 3-241, 3-237, 4-337, 4-339, 4-342, 3/4-316, 5-346

A notebook and a two-pocket folder (both labeled clearly with their name and class)

*The folder and notebook should be in addition to anything they've brought in for their classroom teacher as all materials are stored in theatre class.

***(If you need extra time to purchase necessary materials or you are unable to purchase anything please do not hesitate to reach out.)

1st, 4th, and 5th grade families keep your eyes peeled for a theatrical field trip in the near future!

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Ms. Avadanei

Theatre Teacher

P.S. 52 Sheepshead Bay

Rm. 304