Hidden Features of Google Docs

Don't miss out any longer!

Oh Google Docs... What a wonderful tool you are

You can share everything using the collaborative features in the Google Apps like Google Docs, Slides, Drawings, etc.

But did you know you can beef up these nifty apps to make them even more efficient for you and your students?

Take a look at a couple tools and add-ons available for Google Docs.

#1: The Research Tool

More on the Research tool

But having the ability to search within your Google Doc isn't the whole point of using Google doc's Research tool (which is pretty amazing).

To really knock your socks off, by using the research tool, it will automatically cite the website it came from!!! See below.

#2: Highlighter Add-on

Highlight tool add-on

Use the highlight tool with a reading passage/informational text that has been copied into a Google Doc.

This add-on provides a great way for students to annotate text digitally, or it can also be used as a study tool.

There are tons of add-ons available in Google Docs- check out this blog for more great educational add-ons.

For those of you using Google Classroom or Apps for student assignments, look into the docAssist Rubric add-on for an quicker way to grade student work within docs.