Unit 2 Summative Assessment

Unit 2 Enduring Understanding: Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics, and balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups.

Section 1- Analysis

Humans move around the world based on push and pull factors. Other places may have features that they want so they move there. People use transportation like planes, cars, trains, etc. to migrate. People also create cultural mosaics by how they live. Examples of cultural mosaics are social organization, language, values/religion, etc.. People encounter social groups everyday. They have to balance the forces of cooperation and conflict with these groups. These groups are formed by people having things in common, liking the same things, etc..People join social groups because those people make them feel secure, and protected, and a sense of belonging. Anyone can be in more than one group so this is how they cooperate. Conflicts can arise if two social groups have different opinions on something. But, to work these arguments out, they must cooperate. To understand this unit, we watched many videos. Such as a part of the Mean Girls movie and a Mexican cartels video. Also we filled out worksheets of push and pull factors, and our own cultural mosaic. The cafeteria part of the Mean Girls movie was shown because it showed the different lunch tables and how they were all social groups. Some of the social groups were the nerds, the popular Chinese girls, etc.. The cultural mosaic worksheet, made us fill out our own culture and how we live. Lastly, we filled out the push and pull factors worksheet to get a better understanding of why people move. I predict that in the future, humans will continue to migrate all around the world. If the human population increases, then so will migration. Based on a map we saw of the planes in the air on 9/11, I predict there will be double the amount of planes in the air in the future. Cultural mosaics will also continue to increase, with technology getting better, population growing, there will be more cultural mosaics. There are more and more social groups everyday, in the future I predict that some groups will have both conflict and cooperation but not all groups can get along. Different thoughts and opinions influence conflicts. But, to work these conflicts out every social group will have to cooperate.

Section 2- Application

Humans migrating, creating cultural mosaics, and balancing the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups all connect to the real world. People move from houses to houses which is migrating. Once they are in their new house, they can make more friends which is creating cultural mosaics. They may join clubs and teams where they live. Those teams, clubs and friends are all different social groups. They have to balance the conflict and cooperation among these groups by collaborating. If, the person joins a sports team, then their could be conflict among them and their opponents. Which, they would have to cooperate to settle the disputes. Also, they could have more opportunity where they live which makes them have a better future. There is power shiftin between social groups. Some social groups we see in the real world are Isis, union workers, parents, the KKK, athletes, etc.. A power shift with parents could be if the parent gives their child a little more freedom and power to do what they want. Maybe, to go to the mall alone with their friends could be a power shift because the parent gave them that freedom now. Another power shift could be if Isis took over and attacked a country, then they would have more power and that country wouldn't have as much. Lastly, if a government such as a democracy, dictatorship or and other type of governement gave their people more power or rights. Or the governement could take away some of their rights which the people maybe unhappy about that if they get nothing in return. In the future, if Donald Trump becomes president, I predict the Muslims will have conflict with the people who want them outside of the United States. Humans shape the environment and their are many push/pull factors so I believe that the human migration rate will rise. Lastly, the creation of cultural mosaics will increase. Langauages, values, hobbies, etc. are growing.

Section 3- Transfer

My life connects to migrating, creating cultural mosaics, and cooperating and conflicting amond different social groups. I migrate everyday. Going to my room, the bathroom, to school is all migration. Also, I have moved once in my life from Derry to another place in Derry which is migration. I create cultural mosaics too. The way I live, like the language I speak, holidays I celebrate, my future, etc.. are all cultural mosaics that I have created. I started taking a sign language class this year which is a cultural mosaic. I met new friends this year too which is also a cultural mosaic. I balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups. I have to cooperate with others so that everyone is happy with what they wanted. Sometimes there is conflicts that are settled. Soem social groups in my life at the school are the nerds and popular kids. Popular kids will continue to pick on the nerds. Also, since technology is getting better, the rich kids may pick on the poor for not having the newest iphone, or gaming system, etc..

Bullets and Ballots:

I was apart of the United States social group. We found ways to combat communism, while supporting human rights and democracy. We wanted an anit communist leader for Guatameala that is friendly with the US. Like open with trades and other such things. Our "power" status during this game was that we had 60 MSU's, but we did not have the power to vote. During the game, we did nothing, we had other groups come up to use and try to persuade us to do things. We took all treaties into consideration. Then, we staryed making treaties with some groups like the Peasants saying they promise to vote for an anti commnist leader. There was some power shfting between social groups. Groups gave up their MSU's and some groups tried to get others to give up some votes. Also, groups had the oppurtunity to kill or kidnap people from other groups if they didn't like what they were saying. The US gave the Army and Wealthy 20 MSU's to vote for the leader we wanted so we have them some power. But, their was always loopholes in the treaties so we never had any assurance during the game so that we got what we wanted. There was both cooperation and conflict during this game. Groups had to persuade others and make them sign treaties to get what they wanted. Sometimes groups would get mad at others because they didn't believe in the same thing or they wouldn't sign a treaty. At the end of the game the Army and Wealthy took over and they said they wanted an oligarchy. But, then we took over and had all of the groups on our side so that we got what we wanted. We had to take over because we needed to get what we wanted. So, we spread out all of the Army and Wealthy's MSU's and we elected a democratic leader. During this game each group had a cultural mosaic or a set of views that they had to work for. To work for this, there was conflicts and cooperation between the social groups. Lastly, humans migrate if they chose to or not. An example of this is someone got kidnapped so he had to migrate.