ITC Newsletter

April 2016

Reach Students, Parents, and Staff With Text Reminders In Seconds!

Have you heard of or tried This is a service where you can create a class online and in seconds for free, have your students opt-in to your class, and then send out text message reminders to your entire class at one time. It's free, fast, and extremely easy to use. You can send out text reminders at-will, schedule them in advance, even include attachments.

In fact, we're going to start using it here at the ITC for sending out updates to staff when there are network, Synergy, and other emergency or maintenance outages, etc. Give it a try!

To join the ITC Remind, follow these two simple steps:

1. Create a new text message on your cell phone and in the TO: line put in 81010

2. In the message, simply type @csditc and click send.

Doing the steps above will add you to the ITC Remind automatically and from then on you will receive a text whenever we send out an important update.

To use the service for your students/staff, go to: and create your free account today.

Sandy's Grandson's Reveal the Memorial Bench

As an honor over spring break we were able to host a small family gathering for the dedication of the bench that will honor Sandy Heath for years to come. This bench will be placed outside the ITC center in the hallway of Lynch Meadows. It was decided that it would be put inside the building to ensure that it would not be vandalized. We would also like to thank everyone for their donations.

Sandy began working in the district 08/16/1993 as the Lead Secretary at Centennial High School until she moved to ITC in July of 2007. Both of her children went through the district and were also employees at one point. Sandy was a valued member of the Centennial School District family. She has been described as someone who cared about others and was always putting others first. The bench was hand-built by Frank Decker using premium Teak.

MacBook Pro Upgrades

In an effort to extend the usable life of our existing MacBook Pros for two more years, we are upgrading all of them by doubling the internal memory to 8GB and replacing the standard hard drives with super fast solid state hard drives. These two upgrades significantly enhance the performance of the computer. When we compared the processing speeds and performance of our existing MacBook Pros with these upgrades to the current new versions of either the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, there is virtually no difference.

We have already completed the upgrades on MacBook Pros from CMS and CPS. We will be upgrading the remainder of the machines this summer. More information on this will be coming out in May.

Below is a short video of Brian Hickerson, one of our in-house Apple Certified Repair Technicans, performing the upgrade process on MacBooks from CMS.
MacBook Pro Upgrades

3D Printing at Centennial High School

Mr. Watts Metals class has had fun this year with the addition of 3D printing options. Did you know you can place orders with the metals class if you are looking to have some theme printing done? They have been working on all kinds of fun printing. They are currently making T-shirts for a skills USA competition they will be going to next month. The students have learned to etch glass work, stickers, coasters, granite designing, water bottles, and so many amazing other things. They have 5 computers set up for the students to work from and take turns using the two printers.

Your Print Shop: Effective Immediately - Changes to Booklet Printing Policy

To enable our copiers to operate more efficiently and have less down time, the following will go into effect immediately.

When requesting booklets or comb-bound books:

  • Documents with 100 or less pages will be made into booklet form only.
  • Documents with more than 100 pages will be made into comb-bound form only.

CHS Lab Upgrade

The 'Drop-In' lab in room 103 at CHS recently received a much needed upgrade. Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre made an investment in some new computers and the ITC technicians installed them and gave the room a new layout during spring break. These new machines are running Windows 10 and have been upgraded to 8GB of memory.
Big image


SPAM, phishing, email spoofing, these are all part of our online reality. From time to time you will get these weird messages in your email inbox. Some of them will have links to websites, others will ask you to enter your personal information, and some will have attachments that they want you to click on. Don't do it. Don't fall into the trap as it will cause you a lot of heartache and downtime on your computer. But wait, how will I know if the email is legitimate or not? Most of the time it is fairly obvious. Here are some tips:

  • If it looks or feels like it's not legitimate then it probably isn't
  • Look for language clues in the subject line and/or body of the message. Many of these types of emails come from overseas and are not translated correctly in English
  • Any email saying it is from the IT department that asks for your username and password is not legitimate. The ITC will never ask you for this information via an email or even in a link inside an email that takes you to a website.
  • If you don't know the person sending the email, it's likely not legitimate
  • If the email has an attachment that is a zip file or other format and you weren't expecting the email or know the person sending it to you, it is likely not legitimate.

So what do you do with these emails? GMAIL can actually learn to block these emails if when you get them you click on the Report as Spam icon in your inbox. It's the little octagon icon with the explanation point in the middle.

Teachers: Have You Tried Our TeleParent Service Yet?

TeleParent (formally Connect 4 Teachers) is a wonderful service that all classroom teachers in our district have access to. In a nutshell, the service allows teachers to choose from hundreds of pre-recorded messages from categories like grades, behavior, attendance, and more, and have those messages automatically go out to the home phone number listed in Synergy. It's a great way to send whole class reminders out to parents or even target just a few students at a time. It's quick and easy to use, all you have to do is give it a try!

Here's how it works:
  • Login at
  • Click the TeleForm Link
  • Choose your class from the dropdown list
  • Click Notify All or choose individual students and categories
  • Pick the message(s) you want to go out
  • Click save

That's it! You don't have to do anything else. You can be assured that the messages will go out that evening to your parents. And the best part it, they go out in 26 different languages depending upon the Home Language that is associated with that student/parent in Synergy. The messages are recorded by an actual human translator too, not some computer translator or voice. For example, lets say you send a reminder message out to your whole class that there is a test the next day. If 5 of your students have a home language of Russian and 10 have a home language of Spanish while the rest have English, those parents will receive the pre-recorded message in their home language. It's automatic! You don't have to select any languages or do anything else.

So give it a try. I'm sure you will like the service and the parents of your students will love the extra communication.

If you don't know your password, simply click on the Forgot Password link on the page and enter your centennial email address.

Great Online Tools for Teachers & Students

Meet Our Technology Constultant

Pam Hellesto is our Assistive Technology Specialist who is 50% technology support for special education and 50% Instructional technology support for all education classes.

Pam is here to support teachers, students with special needs, and all education classrooms integrating technology into their instruction, allowing students to use technology to help gather information allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge in ways they cannot do with paper pencil.

Here are some of the ways Pam could be useful for you:

  • Come in and meet with staff to help decide what you would like your students to learn about the technology.
  • Conduct research, Paper writing, skill practice, collaboration with peers on a project, ect.
  • In class training with student (she is the instructor)
  • Training teachers and students on downloading, making files, saving, logging in to our technology
  • Understanding access and using technology.
  • Classroom activities, lessons.
  • Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Google Docs training.

Her number one focus is to support our staff and students with feeling successful with new technology and learning all the wonderful options Google has at our fingertips.

Tech Tips from Suzanne Ginn: Choosing a Printer in Chrome

To print in chrome to a printer you will need to change your default printer. To change the default printer (the default will be save to pdf), click change in the destination (Figure 1).

Once you click on Change you get the dialogue box that lists available printers. (Figure 2).

Finally you have chosen the printer you want it should have the new printer (Figure 3).