on Eighth Grade and Crab Feed

Crab Feed Recap

The planning for Crab Feed begins late-October, and with the work of the 2nd, 5th and 7th grade HAPAC and Room Parents, this fundraiser was a success and we met our budget goal. The Kitchen Crew and 7th/8th grade servers were the mechanics to the night's timeline, and they worked non-stop on their feet all night long. There were many parents who worked "behind the scenes," and thanks to their dedication to the school, every aspect of this fundraising event was covered. In addition to the acknowledgements, a special thank you to our "behind the scenes" parents and staff:

Babysitting: Shigrid Estrada, Sister Dina & Sister Merle

Garbage and Recycling: Cyrus Estrada

Kitchen Crew Alumni: Valerie Fojas & Elaine Viola

Servers Crew: Ronda Doyle, America Fong & Cynthia Sanchez

Security: Jerome Luna

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Eighth Grade News

Christmas Break

By: Anthony Salvador, Jenna Mari Baptista, and Annie Chen

This 2019 Christmas was very fun! Some of the students in 8th grade had fun during their Christmas break and went to many places. A few of the students had fun ice skating in Union Square. Each 8th grader spent quality time with each other for the holidays and received so many wonderful gifts! There was so much to do during the holidays. We do wish Christmas Break was longer!

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Volleyball Season Recap
By: Mary Grace Ella, Lillian Mendiola, and Jana Ali

During our volleyball season, we went through many obstacles. Although we lost, we managed to earn more experience. We were also able to strengthen our bond with one another. The whole team had a lot of fun and that is what matters most. We thank all the support that was given to us and all the training we received from our coaches. We are especially thankful for everyone who is on the team. We had a wonderful, challenging and inspirational season. Go Angels!

Confirmation Preparation
By: Jan David Ella, Jared Cruz, and Steve Garbin

The Class of 2020 is trying their hardest to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We are getting ready to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We have been doing our service hours, which include serving the Crab Feed Event and the Family Dinner. We are very excited to strengthen our relationship with God. We hope to bring and show our faith to the world so it can be a better place. This is a big event for us eighth graders and it is the next step in our journey with God. We have had the help of our principal, Sr. Alma, and our homeroom teacher, Mr. Calma, in preparing us for this special day. We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us as we enter high school and through our adult lives.

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Christmas Show Recap

By: Ceejae de Lumen, Angelina De Dios, and Anton Carranceja

This school year the 8th graders were in charge of the 2019 Christmas Program. The 8th graders practiced their speaking, acting, and singing parts. There was a lot of preparation and time put into this show to make it the best it could be. This year the play was about a radio station called "Wish FM" that featured Christmas songs the students performed to. The Wish FM Station is run by four DJs: Angelina De Dios as Mya, Rhieyannah Damian as Maria, Nathan Chung as Mario, and Jan David Ella as Max.

Together the four DJs create a contest for the public to participate in and for the public to vote on who has the best wish. In the end the public voted on the three groups of people to go to the finals: Kayla and Layla, who act as the mean girls, Melvin and Kelvin, who act as the nerds, and a girl named Carol Hartman, who ends up winning with the wish of everyone acting more like Jesus. The characters are respectively played by Princess Cantiller, Mary Grace Ella, Joshua Aguilar, Anton Carranceja, and Ceejae de Lumen. They all performed their very best and it was a successful program.

Boys’ Basketball Season
By: Gabriel Llaguna, Nathan Chung and Joshua Aguilar

This year our 8th Grade basketball team is competing in CYO and Daly City Parks and Rec. leagues. So far they are doing their best to win every game. Even though their record is 0-6, they do their best no matter what. Joshua, Gabe, and Nathan are on the team and they say that despite the fact that they do not have a good record, they still have a lot of fun. There are plenty more games, and they say they will remain positive and do their best. They say they will not give up.

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Spelling Bee

By: Princess Cantiller and Mia Amasa-Patacsil

On January 15, 2020, Princess and Mia, two 8th graders, represented their class in the school Spelling Bee. For two weeks, they both had a list of words they had to study that led up to this special day. Although it was nerve-racking, the girls tried their best and persevered!

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