Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Reasons for and against College Athlete compensation.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association was founded on March 31st, 1906. (NCAA) it is a non-profit organization that regulates over 1,281 institutions. The idea was first conceived by President Theodore Roosevelt, who had a big impact of it's founding.

"College football and basketball generate more than the National Basketball Association (NBA), a total of more than $6 billion yearly." (Brill, John, 2013)

Arguments for Athlete Compensation

The NCCA makes billions of dollars. The annual "March Madness" earns the non-profit organization roughly $900 million dollars in revenue. (Sack, Allen, 2008) This comes mostly from broadcast rights from top channels like CBS as well as the ads played during the tournament.

If the Athletes make the money, why don't they see any of it?

The "Student" Athletes are the reasons behind the $6 billion dollar annual revenue. The NCAA has repeated constantly that College Athletes are "engaging in sport inside of the school setting", meaning they are NOT employees. But for people who give the NCAA that amount of money, the idea is questionable.

"The only reasons why these (tournaments) exist are the athletes themselves, and they are reaping none of the benefits from these windfalls." (Brill, John, 2013)

Shabazz Napier: "Some nights I go to bed starving"

Why shouldn't they be paid?

These athletes are getting full scholarships to the schools. Isn't that enough?

Many experts say it is. Most of the scholarships that they are getting are worth around 20-50 thousand dollars, a very large amount of money. They get housing on campus, medical care, and free meals. (Dirlam, Zack, 2013)

Oliver Luck on the student-athlete voice

What is the money being used on?

The money is being used for this, but is this more important than making sure your players can eat at night?

What do I think?

My conclusion is that College Athletes should be paid. I think there is more than enough money (6 billion yearly). While there might be a need for pools and spas, they don't need to be as expensive and extravagant as they are being made.