Red Panda's are endangered

By: Maya Flores Period 3

Impact on Ecosystem

Red Panda's live in rainy forests, mountains of Nepal and Northern Myanmar, and in central China. Their habitat's are being destroyed by people cutting down trees

Ways to impact issue

People around the world are trying to help protect the red pandas weather it's giving the Zoo's, clinic's ,and facilities money to help provide more things for the pandas. Even in Nepal their is a special group called the forest guardians who are helping the red panda's.

If we all just try and help save our world and the beautiful species we will all be benefit from it.


People might not care about the red panda's because us humans are so self involved and only care about are self's. Also people might want more trees cut down instead of saving plenty of animals around the world.

The Red Pandas love trees Dont cut them down!!!

Fun Facts about the red panda's

- Red panda's stay with their mother for a year in till they are fully developed

- Red panda's spend most of their lives sleeping on a tree

- Red panda's live up too 22 years

- Male's are larger that female red panda's

- Female red panda's usually give birth in spring and summer

- Red panda's mostly eat bamboo

- Red panda's are also called lesser panda's

- Red panda's are the only living family of ailuridae

Red Panda's Plight: Cute and Endangered

Video summery

The Red pandas are one of the most endangered species in the world. Who are on the edge of extinction because they are cursed with their good looks. When they were first discovered they were a must have in the Victorian years as an accessory. People today want them as pets, when people pooch the red pandas they get a lot of money for their body parts. In China their bushy tails are considered good luck at the wedding ceremony. They also been found in a mountain in Tennessee when the red panda was more wide spared and as big as a mountain lion. Raccoon's than moved in and they both started competing with each other. Less than 10 thousand are in America.