Google Play & Apple iTunes Store

Battle of the app stores!


  • The big difference between Google Play and the Apple iTunes Store is that Google Play is for the android, and the Apple store is for apple products.
  • Google Play for android is growing faster then Apple Store.
  • On the Apple Store you can buy anything related to apple not just apps, music, movies etc. So you can purchase phones, ipods, ipads and thing aApple has created. You can also buy cases for your Apple products.
  • Google Play you can purchase apps for the android, music, movies, magazines, and books. you can purchase some things from this website like nexus devices but Apple has more to offer.


  • Google Play and the Apple iTunes store are very similar. They both are app stores for their devices.
  • They both offer around the same things like, apps of all different kinds, music, movies, books, and magazines.
  • Both are very popualr for their devices.
  • They offer the same things for their devices, and people download thousands of apps from each of these sites daily.

Price Dfferential $$$$$$


Apple iTunes.

iTunes from the internet and from any Apple device is easy to use and understand. They have a negavation bar for easy use and also have a search box so you can easily find things you are looking for.

Google Play.

Google Play is for the most part set up the same way as iTunes is. They have easy search option and a negavation bar on both the online sight and on their devices. Its easy to understand the sight, userfriendly. They both list their apps the same way and are very simialr to each other.



iTunes is easy to access from a computer, an iPod, iPad or any other Apple device. When you buy an Apple product iTunes comes with the device. When you turn on your new product it should be on the home screen or it might ask you if you want to download it and watch a tortorial for it. If you are on the computer and you want to access iTunes you have to download it to your computer first, yes it is free to download. After you download it you should have full access to everything you can get on the Apple devices.

Google Play.

Google Play is very easy to access from the internet, just have to type in Google and it pops up right away. Its basically set up like the iTunes website has the same catagories and negavation. To access it from a device it has to be an andriod or nexus or something associated with the Google Play network. Google Play comes with the andriod devices so it is easy to get it.

App Avalibility.

Google Play & iTunes

Both of them have the same apps you can buy for the most part. Some are more money then others but you can still purhase them if you want them that bad. Both of them provide 700,000 apps to pick from.