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What is a Kahoot?

A Kahoot is a learning game created on a Kahoot! online platform. It consists of multiple choice questions that can be a quiz, discussion or survey.

Signing up and creating your Kahoot happens here: https://getkahoot.com/

Step One

Get a Kahoot! Account. Sign up for your own account. Students do not need an account for them to access your Kahoots!

Step Two~ Create Your Kahoot!

When you sign in, you’re presented with the 3 types of

Kahoot you can make. Let's focus on a quiz.

Press on the quiz icon, and you will be asked to give it a

name. Type the name into the text field - give it a

descriptive & catchy name to inform and motivate your

students, as well as attract other users to play it in their


Press the purple ‘Go!’ button. You can now add your questions.

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Step 3~Add your Questions

Enter your first question in the field at the top - you have

a 95 character limit so make it focused & snappy! Enter

up to 4 answer options, and select the correct one(s) by

pressing the red ‘Incorrect’ button to turn it into a green

‘Correct’ button. Choose a time limit between 5-120 secs.

Embed an image into your question by dragging one in

from your desktop, or pressing the ‘Choose file’ button.

Step 4~Fill in Your Settings

Manage your Kahoots & help other users discover them.

Select the language your Kahoot has been written in,

and the primary audience it’s intended for, 5th grade, Kindergarten, etc. Choose to publish it privately so only you can launch it.

Add a 140 character description, this should describe

how you intend this Kahoot to be played (eg to introduce

a topic) and with who (eg 5th grade). Move the purple bar

to select a difficulty.

Step 6~ Add a Cover Image

Personalize your Kahoot & make it stand out.

The cover image is projected to your class at the start of

your quiz - so choose something that is descriptive of the

content, or even personalized to your students.

It’s also used as the picture displayed in all listings

(either under ‘Me’ or in ‘Public’) - make it eye catching so

it stands out from the crowd. Add it using the same

function you used in questions - if you choose not to add

one we’ll add a generic Kahoot! image in instead

Step 7~Share It!

When you press "play" a code will appear. Have your students go to https://kahoot.it/#/ and enter the game pin to access your game.
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