How To Improve Your Personality

By Ann Landers- analyzed by DK & Shelby


Self-help on Personal Elements : Personality, Voice, Poise, and Tact


Help people become a more confident intellectual



To give advice on interpersonal relationships


Her logos persuades the reader to check their personality and how to improve your personality and confidence as well as avoiding arguments, and beginning a discussion in a friendly way


Advice Columnist

Appeared in 1,200 newspapers world wide

Midwest upbringing influenced her social conscience


The Emotional appeal is humorous but makes you look at yourself and self-criticize your personality and how you act. It's not a "ha-ha" kind of humor, but a "this is ridiculous" kind of humor.



First Person

She uses long and short sentences to express what she means of "improving your personality"

Ex: "He's letting me know he has better things to do than to talk to me"

Ex2: "We all know men and women of whom it is always being said "What a great personality!"


The sentence structure is entertaining and simple

Provides rhetorical questions

Ex: "Do you make friends easily?" and "Do people seek you out, or tend to avoid you?"



"If it has a shrill or nasal sound start working to change it immediately"


'The person who talks too fast swallows words, hops from foot to foot, glances at his watch, and seems hurried and ill at ease" negative image of someone

The Nanny - Fran Fine meets Fran Drescher :)

Figurative Language

"Key to Success" - personification

"Thinking before you speak is as important as looking before you leap" -Simile



  • "There is no magic formula for improving your personality but .."

  • "What A Great Personality!"

  • "What what you do with your hands. All this will make you self-conscious for a while, but that is the point"

Assumptions and Warrants

Assumes we are not happy with our personality

She warns us that people might think we are boring and non approachable if we don't check our selves and have these habits she states.

Organizational Pattern

Uses Exemplification.

Each section of her writing is a different thought and example of her main idea.

Personal Response


Although, I get what Landers is saying about "Improving your personality" i don't agree on it for your day to day lives. I believe her steps are more for public speaking in front of people and presenting topics, not necessarily your daily social interactions because those whom you communicate with daily, should already love and accept you as are.