Leap Into Literacy 4th Grade


Reading Workshop

How to Confer About a Book - Even If you Haven't Read It

Reading Behaviors:

Discuss how the child is as a reader:

What is their rate of reading books?

How are they with distractions?

What is their reading plan?

About the Book:

Have them work on retelling the story.

Discuss the main character and how that character is developing.

They can discuss problems, author's purpose, and any big ideas that they have about the text.

Confer about skills:

Discuss past mini-lessons you have taught.

Writing Workshop

4th Grade - Unit 1 - Narrative

The Arc of Story: Writing Realistic Fiction

  • This is the genre that students want to write the most, but also the genre they write the worst.

  • Narrative writing should now become 50% of the writing they do.

  • As 4th graders are used to starting the previous years with personal narratives, they now will rely on those experiences as they begin this unit.

  • It’s suggested to consult with 3rd grade colleagues prior to planning the unit so teachers can connect their realistic fiction plans with the narrative work that already has been done.

For more information regarding the Unit 1 overview, getting started, the specific bends of the unit, and/or assessment, click here.