Platypus creation

By: Danielle Tolbert

Long ago, the world was very empty. Humans have discovered meat from animals. They started to develop hunting tools to catch as much meat as they could. The more meat they caught, the more energy they needed, the more meat they ate. The earth started to decrease in animal population. Plants that mortals no longer liked to eat started to get lonely. They decided that they needed a new species on earth. So, they begged the gods day and night for new animal life to come in to the world.

The gods live on Mount Olympus, a large, white, and powerful place. On the outside, beautiful pillars stood tall and proud. They had very detailed carvings of angels and everything that is kind and cute. Tall and healthy plants grew all around Mount and Olympus and made the air clear and fresh. Inside, beautiful paintings of the god’s challenges, battles, and desires hung on the walls bold and proud. In the middle of the room stood a long dining table filled completely with fruits, veggies, tall glasses of nectar, and ambrosia, “The food of the gods.” This wonderful place sits on a large and glorious mountain. Later, the gods finally heard the plant’s cry.

“Why are they complaining? We gave them life years ago!” cried Zeus.

“That was 10,000 years ago sir” mumbled Hermes.

“So I see. Fine, their wish will be granted! Hermes, get the Cauldron of Creation!”

Hermes flew over to the corner of the room and pulled out a dusty cauldron that was as large as a truck and as heavy as 3 elephants. Hermes got out a duster and dusted the cauldron. Dust flew all over the room and piled up and the floor. On the shelf next to the cauldron were bottles of strange, glowing liquids labeled characteristics like “fins” or “feathers.”

“Gather the rest of the gods, Hermes.”

Hermes reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, bronze, horn. He took a deep breath and gave it a loud honk. The honk was so loud that it was heard from all over Mount Olympus and to earth. The humans were too busy to listen, but the gods flew up and gathered to Mount Olympus. They flew in from every direction. Apollo rode his sun chariot, Aphrodite flew in on a giant seashell, and Ares zoomed in on an arrow.

“Attention! We need to create a new species for the plants on earth! Got any ideas?” announced Zeus.

“Let’s make it semi-aquatic! Everything loves water!” proclaimed Poseidon.

Zeus grabbed a glowing bottle of the shelf that was labeled “webbed feet” and put a drop in the cauldron.

“It needs a good mouth so the creature can eat! A bill is wide and can pick up a lot of delicious food!” exclaimed Demeter.

Zeus grabbed the “bill” bottle and put a drop in the cauldron.

“It should be loving and have a compassionate side.” adds Aphrodite.

“No, no, no, no! We can’t have another Mr. Nice animal running around on earth! They’ll all just get eaten! It needs to be fierce!” argued Ares.

“Not everything needs to be dark and devilish!”

Aphrodite then threw one of her magic hearts at Ares, but he ducked out of the way. Ares got out his bow and arrow and charged Aphrodite. Poseidon noticed that this was getting rough and tried to break them up. Poseidon went up and pulled them apart, but Ares kicked Poseidon in the stomach and knocked him backward. Poseidon decided that he has had enough and shot a strong stream of water at Aphrodite and Ares. They ignored it and just kept on fighting. Soon, all the gods were fighting with each other. While fighting, Aphrodite knocked over the potions “venom”, “fur”, “eggs”, and “beaver tail” into the cauldron. It wobbled and fell over, revealing two strange, otter, duck, and beaver looking animals. The clumsy, curious, creatures fell off Mount Olympus into the water on earth.

Later, people found the strange animals and named them “platypus” which means “bird snout” in Greek. The platypus lives now on earth as “The world’s oddest animal.” The gods still look down on the platypus, regretting their foolish behavior.

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