Finding your sanctuary, and music relief

Important questions...

Why do we want a sanctuary?

A sanctuary can be anywhere, for example your bedroom or your basement. Your sanctuary is there to be your friend. It's a place where we can feel safe and secure. We go to our sanctuaries to be away from it all, or to escape from somewhere when we have something stressful going on. Nature is also a very helpful way to find a sanctuary. If you can't be surrounded by nature try hanging pictures of nature on your wall.

What are the benefits of finding a sanctuary in nature?

When being around nature it not only helps your lungs but it also creates a more positive mood-let. Being active outdoors also helps relieve stress because you feel more internally calm and n touch with yourself.

How can we use visualization to help us relax?

Visualizing something you enjoy can calm the body and mind and put you into soothing mood. By visualizing your placing yourself into a calming situation that can majorly relieve stress and help the body and mind relax. Next time your feeling stressed try visualizing a fun vacation you took with your family, or time you spent with your friends.

How can music help us relax?

Music can help us relax by soothing the mind. Finding a tune or cord you love will help you find that happy place. No I do't mean dress up like a hippie and do the rain dance, I mean find your favorite song and listen to it volume at the max.


When you've had a long day at work/school you can use your sanctuary or your music to relax and unwind. Take some time out of your day to relax and find your happy place.