Every Mother Counts

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You too can Help Save Women Dying as a Result of Complications through Child Birth!

Every Mother Counts is non-profit organization dedicating to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

It is a Fact that 287,000 Women Die EVERY YEAR as a Result of Complications - That means One Woman every 2 Minutes! For Each One of these Deaths, means an Average of 4 Orphans are Left Behind!

Founder Christy Turlington Speaks about WHY she Started this Foundation!

Christy Turlington Burns: I was compelled to start Every Mother Counts after I completed my first documentary, “No Woman, No Cry,” about the global state of maternity care. But it was the birth of my daughter, Grace, ten years ago, and the childbirth complication I endured that was the impetus for it all. After delivering my daughter, I hemorrhaged and if not for the expertise of my birth team, the outcome could have been very different. In the weeks that followed I learned that hundreds of thousands of girls and women die each year from pregnancy and childbirth related complications. In fact, hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal deaths. I felt so grateful for the access to quality care I had and my immediate motivation was to make sure more women knew about this!
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This is Where you can Help Today with The Enlighten Bracelet!

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So How Does this Foundation Work? REACH - ACTION - IMPACT

REACH: They raise awareness of the issue & help Motivate participation!

ACTION: They provide meaningful opportunities to Raise awareness & Resources!

IMPACT: They Direct resources raised towards the program that addresses barriers to maternal health & share those stories to further their reach!

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Where does the Money go to?

100% of your Donation from the Enlighten Bracelet will go towards Every Mother Counts & will Directly contribute to the PORTFOLIO of programmes around the world to Insure that Mothers get the care they Need! To find out More Visit: www.everymothercounts.org

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I am so Happy that Stella&Dot are a part of this Incredible Charity! Whether you're a Mum, Sister or Friend - you will understand that Pregnancy and Childbirth will be a part of Special and Important Females in your life - Please Help with this Ongoing Research that will have an Incredible Impact on your Loved Ones!!

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