The Sahara

African regions project! By: Jacob B.

People of the Sahara, modern and ancient.

The sahara has been a wonder in the world for a very long time. People today go there for buisness and trade. Many traders sell things such as camels, food, and water. The earliest inhabbitents came to the desert before it was ever a desert! They even sent the word out to other countries as to how amazing this place was. But what they did not know is that soon it would become the biggest desert in the world!

Years ago there was a tribe that lived within the out scirts of the desert. These people were called the Tuareg. These people were some of the earlier people of the sahara but they did not come to it before it was a desert. The people of the Tuareg left a large impact on cultures today in Africa. They left behind artifacts and people later on found them nd some how it started a religion.

People today don't tend to stay in the desert as a place to live. Most of the time you can find traders who are willing to sell water and food to you for a price. For as you know, in the desert it is vital to have water.

Animals in the sahara.

Even in a remote place like the sahara there can be many animals if you know where to look. Yes even in a dry hot place like this you can find many animals.

A snake is one of the more common animals in the sahara. Things like rattle snakes tend to come out a lot. These creatures are reptiles and are cold blooded so they have to come out at day were their body can handle the heat. These animals mostly eat rodents such as mice, rats, or any thing they can find and get tinto their mouths.

Another common animal is the scorpian. Theseanimals tend to feed on other bugs, or small rodents if they can. Most of the time their main competitor is the spider who most of the time tries to stay out of the way of the scorpian.

The rodents of the sahara are also a widely seen animal. The rodents are mostly seen as a food source from predators, but also a food source for pestasides like bugs. There are a lot of decomposers in the desert who feed of of the dead animals or their waste. These tend to anly be bugs thoe because the animals are to scarce to feed a bigger animal such as a vulture or buzzard.

Land forms

There are many forms of land in the sahara. One of the them being sand dunes. Sand dunes are big hills of sand that are every where in the sahara. These dunes tend to move and shift from the unrelenting winds.

Plateaus are common land forms as well. These serve as the more tree populated areas even though even there are few grees even there.

Oasis are the few random patches of vegitation in the desert. They serve as the more tree and people populated places.

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