PBIS Newsletter: Winter Boost!

Volume Four: Winter 2018

Silver Awards All Around!

All eleven Whittier City campuses earned the Silver Award from the California PBIS Coalition for excellence in implementing core Tier 1 foundations! All PBIS teams were honored at the January School Board meeting and presented with a personalized podium banner for their school. The awards reflect 70-100% fidelity of implementation of national standards, and proof of impact as evidenced by at least 80% of students having received 0-1 office referrals (a few of our schools have 90% of students with zero referrals!). The positive energy in the room that night truly captured the enthusiasm that drives each school's PBIS success.

This past fall, our students again participated in the School Climate Survey and those results are shared at the end of this Newsletter.

Other features in this edition of the newsletter are videos and articles for a mid-year boost to re-calibrate our commitment to a healthy, positive, and caring school environment.
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Is a student's challenging personality wearing you out?

Some students have BIG personalities that disrupt our smooth routines - even when they make us laugh, they can be plain old exhausting! Sometimes, the most helpful thing is to find a new way to look at the situation so we can keep hanging-in.

Watch this fun TED Talk by former foster child and motivational speaker Josh Shipp: YOUR CHILD’S MOST ANNOYING TRAIT MAY JUST REVEAL THEIR GREATEST STRENGTHS

In another great video , Josh Shipp describes how ONE CARING ADULT can be the difference in a child's successful outcome: "This is How 936 Marbles can Change Someone's Life" (5:37 min)
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Classroom management mid-year tune-up tips from favorite teacher blogs...

WCSD School Climate Survey Results Fall 2017

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This is the second time that Whittier City 3rd through 8th graders took the School Climate Survey to measure the impact of our PBIS initiative through the eyes of students. The graph above depicts results for both elementary and middle schools (all three of which reported increases across all questions!). We also saw an increase in participation so that 80% of all 3rd through 8th graders contributed their opinions.

Once again, our students report feeling safe and respected, in an environment with clear rules for behavior and adults who are there when they need help.

This is the strongest validation we can get for the importance of positive and supportive approaches to nurture social and academic behavior. Staff and families working together as a team... works!

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