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If you're involved in civil case or a civil case is being brought against you there may be a lot you're not sure of.

The first thing to know is the plaintiff is the person or party filing the lawsuit and the defendant is the person or group being sued or being charged with the crime.

If you receive a complaint it is a formal notice that a lawsuit is being brought. If you send a complaint to someone you are bringing a lawsuit and you may need to get a summons which is a notice directing someone to appear in court to answer a complaint or a charge.
No matter what side of the deal you're on you need to prepare for the pleadings which is when the plaintiff and complaint answer together about the case.

Another thing you will need to prepare for is the pretrial conference. Here you will try to come up with an agreement with the other person or party. There may be a mediation in which a 3rd party helps the two parties reach an agreement. There may also be a arbitration where a 3rd party hears both parties and makes a decision that is final and binding for both parties. If not settled at the pretrial conference the case will continue to trial.

To prepare for trial you will need to think about many things.

You will need a preponderance of evidence to help your side in the case.

You will need to think about the verdict, which is the choice of guilty or not guilty chosen by the jury or judge.

The final thing you will need to think about is what will happen if you decide you want to appeal the case to a higher court. You may want to appeal the case if you feel you were treated unfairly or disagree with the verdict.