Percussion Concert 2016!

Tuesday, May 10

Percussion Concert is next Tuesday

This will be our 12th percussion concert and we're excited to present it to you. The time students need to be at school depends on our rehearsal on Friday (the "Senior Final"). If all goes well, we will need to move equipment at 5:00, then they can leave for a dinner break and be back by 7.

If things don't go well, we will need to have a short run through at 5, moving equipment at 4:15 (or after school). Stay tuned and ask your students after 10:45 am on Friday.

Dress for the concert is ALL BLACK DRESS CLOTHES. . . .unless you are a Senior, then you wear Black and Green dress clothes. Everyone has looked great for our performances this spring, lets keep that up with one more concert.

Students will receive a performance grade for how well they perform and a concert grade for the logistics of the evening--are you where you need to be, wearing the right stuff, with the right equipment and everything else you need to make things go smoothly and the responsibility of getting equipment back to the band room and neatly put away so we can have class on Wednesday morning.

Parent, I recommend bringing a seat cushion. There will be a lot of percussion presented and the bleachers were not made for comfort.

There is quite a bit of responsibility on the students during this concert. My goal is to not actually need to be there (I will be there, but I think you know what I'm saying).

Parkway South Percussion Concert

Tuesday, May 10th, 7:30-9pm

Parkway South Gym A for the Performing Arts