Math Empowers K

Middletown Township Public Schools

Kindergarten - First Trimester 2017-2018

High Five for Finger Awareness!

Math is a visual subject and the first visual representations of numbers that develop is our fingers. It turns out that when adults are asked to do calculations, an area of the brain lights up that's seeing fingers. Researchers call this the somatosensory finger areas of the brain. Why is this important for our kinder friends? Well, studies show that students who are more familiar with their fingers have greater success later in math. See the below article and related activities to use in the classroom to help your students develop better finger awareness as they learn numbers 0-5, and then 6-10.

Which One Doesn't Belong?

As you teach Chapters 9 and 10, don't forget about this amazingly engaging resource. The WODB site is dedicated to providing thought-provoking puzzles for teachers to engage their students in Mathematical Practice 2; to reason abstractly and quantitatively and to thinking critically and reason about mathematical topics. As well as Mathematical Practice 3; construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
Ask your building Mathematics Specialist to come in and model one for you!

2017 Fall Dreambox Challenge!

This year's Fall Challenge will be taking place from November 5th to December 9th.

This challenge is not about lesson completion, but about Growth.

The school with the highest percentage growth per student will be the winner of the district banner. Log into your DreamBox dashboard to see how much your students' brains have grown. Ask your building Mathematics Specialist how you can analyze students data to drive small group instruction and increase your students' growth.

Mathical Awards

Math is more than numbers and equations! The Mathical Book Prize is an annual award for fiction and nonfiction books that inspire children of all ages to see math in the world around them. Mathical Award Winners and Honor Books are selected by a nationwide committee of mathematicians, educators, librarians, and authors. Each year’s selections join a growing list of stories ranging from picture books and graphic novels to chapter books and young adult literature. Click here to check out the winners!

See this playlist of 50 fall themed songs for your students to count, move, and sing with.

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