Investing In Your Future!

Enjoy the Young Living Essential Oils & Earn Residual Income

Falling into a business...

Many of us that love our essential oils wake up one day to find ourselves in a fast-growing business. I love our products and have seen my family's health and wellness improve dramatically. Sharing my oils with family and friends has helped me and others receive our oils at no cost. I shared, and then my friends shared. My checks went from $200 and began to double and double again! With my team growing quickly, I realized God was giving me a business. I must treat it like a business and take care of what God has given me.

Attending classes to learn about oils and health, as well as business training, has enabled me to help others build their business. I look forward to helping you grow your business and hit your goals.

I am booking coffee appointments for Spring. I am meeting with 2 types of friends:

1. Those who want to know what all this essential oil buisness is about. Give me 20-30 minutes of your time and I will bring the oils for you to experience, and show you how they can make a difference in your life. I'm sure you know, I think they are ah-MAZING!!! Life CHANGERS!!!

2. Those who are looking to make an income from home. Give me 45 minutes of your time and I will show you how the Young Living compensation plan is one of the BEST out there and how a six-figure income truly is possible. I would be honored to have you on my TEAM! Together Everyone Accomplishes More...and we have TONS of FUN!!!

If you or anyone you know falls into one of these categories, please message me and we will set up a time to chat. I've been known to treat for virtual coffee dates, so living far away is not a disqualifier.

Michelle Gerdes, Revive Seven

Direct Selling has been proven to be a stable, viable source of income for many over the last 25 years and is now known as the modern "Gig" Economy. I am seeing first-hand friends and colleagues achieve financial freedoms that have allowed them (myself included) to DREAM and ACHIEVE a life that at one time seemed impossible and unattainable. A successful Direct Selling Business is possible with many different companies...the sustainability and longevity for YOU will come from the passion that you have with the company of your choosing. You HAVE to be a, "product of the product." Research the COMPANY and the PRODUCTS! Know where they come from and why they are truly the BEST!
Compensation Plan

This button will take you to the FaceBook Page: Revive Seven Compensation. This page will allow you to learn more about Young Living and opportunities to earn Income.

Business Worksheet

Watch the video below and fill out your Goal Sheet. Email it back to me signed and I will send you the book The Four Year Career to celebrate your four year commitment!
Young Living Business Builder Worksheet Tutorial