Lack of Education in the World

By: Alyssa Mallory


Education is the process of receiving or giving a systematic instruction, at a school or a university.

Description of the problem

Education Lacking-

  • Women not allowed
  • Don't have the time
  • Don't have the money to send kids and adults to school
  • Don't have money to purchase basic needs for schools

There are many things in this world that is wrong with Education today. The one thing I want to talk about is the lack of Education. Many people struggle with basic academics around the world. Majority of the time it has to do with the fact that they are women and are not allowed to get an education, or they just don't have the time to do so. Other times it is due to the lack of money in which they cannot send many kids/adults to school or purchase the basic tools needed to learn, which can be huge problem.

Causes- Why is it happening?

  • Inequalities
  • Poverty

There are many reasons as to why the lack of education in this world is occurring. One would be inequality in many states. This includes sex, health, cultural identity such as language, religion and race. And because of inequality many children suffer from the lack of education. Another reason for the lack of education is poverty. Due to poverty as a state/country etc, they can’t afford to either build schools or send a lot of children to school. Also they can’t afford to pay their teachers. As a family in poverty, you have no way of paying the money you need to pay in order to send your child to school. Due to these reasons it causes many children to have to give up and walk away from their education. Leaving them uneducated and out of many jobs for their future. Another cause is that parents have to take their kids out of school in order to have them work and fix problems in their family, such as the lack of money.

Fox and the Hound~Lack of Education

Explanation of why it is a GLOBAL issue (impacts the whole world.)

  • Future leaders not having an education
  • Repeating history
  • Leaders putting countries in debt
  • Causes over population

There are many reasons as to why this is a Global issue and it does not just impact one part of the world. Education is what helps our world from crumbling. With education we are able to go through life without repeating history. For example many things in the past has happened that we don’t need to repeat such as the Holocaust, World Wars, etc. With many people not getting an education it can cause parts of the world to repeat many things from the past, which can affect everyone in the world, considering we would most likely have to get involved. Also with many people around the world not receiving a much needed education, in the future they can put their country in huge debts because they weren’t educated on how to fix it, which can cause us to lose many countries and states, meaning those people will have to move to other countries and states which can gives us huge over populated areas, which is not good as well.

Detailed description of the solution to end my problem

  • Fundraisers
  • Sending needs to poor countries
  • Going to a website that helps the cause

There are many things people can do to stop the problem of no education. For instance you could start a fundraiser to earn money for the poor countries that can't afford schools. You could also send educational books to countries in need. You could also take a look at this website, who as stated, not only builds schools and calls it good, they help find people willing to educate themselves in order to educate others. With these ways and much more, we could help end the educational lacking problem.

Ending Statement

Although many people cannot get a good education, there are many parts of the world that do receive a good education. And we need to start appreciating that. Here is a short clip from the best President ever!
Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!