5 Year BA + MA in Education Program

Earn Middle Grade Teacher Certification and a Master's.

For Freshmen and Sophomores...

...Interested in the 4+1 Programs leading to a Masters in Education to Teach Middle Grades (4th-8th) or Secondary (7th-12th): English, Social Studies, and World Languages.

Programs applicable for the Middle Grades certification include: English and Environmental Studies.

Programs applicable for the Secondary Education certification include: English, French, German, History, Italian, Political Science, and Spanish.

Learn more about this unique option, which combines the 4 year undergraduate program in CLA with a 1 year Master’s program in Middle Grades or Secondary Education in The College of Education. This 4+1 combination is an excellent way to get certified to teach within a 5 year timeframe, while getting a Master’s degree in the process!

Join us for the 4+1 Information Sessions

Tuesday, March 31 12:30-1:30PM
Wednesday, April 1 2-3PM

1810 Liacouras Walk, Suite 301, Multipurpose Room

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