Cape Coral

Cape Coral Beach

At Cape Coral Beach their are many things to do. One of my favorites is to go swimming in the ocean. You can also go para sailing over the ocean and see lots of ocean life like dolphins. We always rent umbrellas on the beach from the hotel because it gets so hot. We usually stay to are rent on the umbrellas expires, which is like 8 hours. At the pier you can watch people catch baby Hammerheads.
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While you are at the beach you can go shopping write off the beach into downtown. You can go shopping at stores like Surfside they have all kinds of beach clothes. My favorite store is 200 flavors, this is a ice cream place and it is very good.
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In Cape Coral it is always sunny so you can have a good time at the beach. Every here and their it rains but when it rains it only rains for 10 to 15 minutes. But when it rains it will rain pretty hard just not for a long time. The average temperature in Cape Coral is 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually all blue skies.

Sites To See

In Cape Coral you can go see the really cool looking sun sets at the beach or just at your house. In Cape Coral when we are their usually after a rainy day on a really hot day we always see a really bright rainbow. I also like watching the people surfing or para sailing.
Catching a hammerhead shark off Sanibel Island beach (Cape Coral / Fort Myers Florida)


Here in Florida their is lots of fresh fruit to eat aseptically oranges my grandma even has a mango tree. Almost anytime we have dinner in Florida their is always fruit with are meal. Which is good because fruit is good for you.
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