1G Weekly News

January 3rd, 2016

Notes and Updates

Dear Parents,

Happy 2nd week! I hope everyone is back into the swing of things and over jet lag. I really enjoyed students bringing in artifacts to share with the class. It was nice to hear about their favorite parts of break.

Last week, in reading students learned how to log onto myon and explored different books. They also reviewed inferring about characters and learned how characters feelings change over time. Finally they learned the main idea of a story and how to figure it out with text clues.

In writing, students developed their conclusions, elaborated by adding more details, and practiced spelling by making sure their is a vowel in every syllable.

In Math, we learned how to tell time to the hour. We practiced by looking at digital clocks, and analog clocks. They also wrote the time in words to the hour. Students had a great time making clocks and playing time games.

In Social Studies, students analyzed their research and discovered common themes between the ecosystems. They each learned about the weather, animals, plants, and earth materials of the ecosystem. Next they started to learn about the houses in different ecosystems. Students got creative and built houses using specific materials.

I have uploaded more photos and unit letter so please make sure to look in our google folders by clicking the link: tinyurl.com/skeane1g.

Scroll down to read about what we will be learning next week and important dates and information for next week.


Shannon Keane

Special Announcements

AMA Book Fair

Jan 10 - 14

7:45 - 3:30

Cash Only

ES Presentation Room

Shoe Boxes

Our students decided to present a diorama as the end of the unit project, which means we are in need of shoeboxes. If you have any and would be willing to donate them I would greatly appreciate it. Please bring them in this week so students can get started right away.

New Arrival Procedures

Starting January 17th, 2016 there will be some changes for students and parents entering the ASD Campus​ supporting student safety.​

​All students will be required to scan their Dragon Wristband entering and exiting the campus. It is recommended that you remind your child to wear their wristband daily. Replacement Dragon bands may be purchased at the front desk of the Administrative entrance for 50 qr. Wristbands will be distributed to Lower Elementary Students next week by their teachers. Your childs dragon band will be labeled with their name by a key tag. We kindly ask parents to keep this label on the wrist band for easy identification.

Parents and domestic staff will not be permitted through Gate 5 for morning drop off.​ ​S​tudent​s​

may enter through Gate 5 using their wristbands and teachers will be there to supervise starting at 7:40 AM. Parents wishing to accompany their children to classes are asked to enter through Gates 8 & 10. ​

Pick-up procedures will remain the same, parents will be able to enter and exit the campus through Gate 5 from 2:45 - 4:15 PM. Pick up procedures for PACT Tuesdays and our Pre-K Students will also remain the same, parents will be able to enter through Gate 5 at 12:15 PM.

We kindly ask parents and guests to enter through Gate 8 during the school day.

We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work to keep our school safe and continue the improvements to the ASD campus.


Math Packet

On Thursday a binder of math games was sent home in your child's home bag in a brown envelope. Some of these are games we have played before, and many we will be playing in class after the new year. Please feel free to use these as a fun way to keep your child's skills sharp over the break. The cards needed for each game are included with the packet on yellow card stock. Please keep this game binder because we will be using them as part of the homework assignments.

Upcoming Dates

January 10-14 AMA Book Fair
January 19 - Full Day of School – No PACT – Tuesday Morning Schedule
January 21 - No School
January 24-28 - Visiting Artist – Danny Gregory PK/KG – 8:30-9:00, Grade 1 & 2 – 9:00-9:30

A Peek at the Week Ahead

Shannon Keaane

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.