Falcon Flyer

APRIL 15 - 29, 2016

Upcoming Events


21-Grab and Go Crawfish 5-7 pm

20 & 22 - Gulf Mysteries Field Trips (1st)

25 - Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night 5-9 pm

27 - Progress Reports Go Home


3 - Spring Creek BBQ Night 5-9 pm

6 - Spirit Shop Open During Lunches

9 - STAAR Testing (Math 3rd & 5th) NO VISITORS

10 - STAAR Testing (Reading 3rd & 5th) NO VISITORS

11 - STAAR Testing (Science 5th) NO VISITORS

12 - Kinder Oil Ranch Field Trip

18 - Texian Time Machine (4th)

23 - Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night 5-9 pm

27 - 5th Grade Day - NO VISITORS

30 - Student Holiday


1 - Last Day of School - Report Cards Go Home

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser

Farney Falcons Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser began April 11th. The students have already received their information packet. The Jumping Event will take place during PE classes on April 28th and 29th. Thank you for your support of this cause! It is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, please contact Coach Burke at timothy.burke@cfisd.net.

Calling All Engineers!!!

Farney 5th grade teachers are looking for some parents to come in and talk to 5th grade students about Engineering and all the jobs that are involved now and in the future. If you are an Engineer of any kind, and interested, contact your child’s Math and Science teacher. This will be taking place in May. You will present your knowledge about engineering, what you do.

Possible topics to talk about…

· Why and how did you become an engineer? (The path through grade school, middle school, high school, college, etc.)

· What are some important lessons you learned along the way?

· What is a typical day like at your job?

· What are some fun things about your job?

· What can go wrong if you don’t do your job correctly?

· Do you get to travel?

· Do you work on a team? How do you collaborate with others?

· What work have you done that you are most proud of?

· How does the iterative engineering design process that we have been studying; research, design, build, test, and improve fit into your work?

· What are some tools you use (bring examples if you have them; hard hat, Geiger counter, site plans, sieves, etc.)

· Any pictures or visuals help

· What advice do you have for students thinking about becoming an engineer?

· You may want to end by addressing questions.

· Kids love stuff. If you have any handouts, stickers, etc., this would be a big hit!

Thank you for your help and we appreciate the support!

Counselor's Corner

April Character Education Theme

The theme for April is Friendship. Friendship means spending time with someone you trust and enjoy. Think about who your friends are. Do you have a best friend? What makes that person so special? Henry Ford once said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” What qualities are you proud of that make you a good friend? Talk to your family about what makes a good friend.

STAAR Testing

Our next round of STAAR testing will be here before you know it!

Monday, May 9th: 3rd & 4th grade STAAR Math

Tuesday, May 10th: 3rd & 4th grade STAAR Reading

Wednesday, May 11th: 5th grade STAAR Science

As a reminder, there will be no visitors in the building on these days.

Credit By Exam

See attached parent notification and application


Our Watch Dog program consists of Dads or Father Figures of Great Students who volunteer one day at their child’s school. They will perform a variety of tasks including assisting with the car line in the morning, monitoring the cafeteria and helping in their child’s classroom. Please contact dhara.desai@cfisd.net if you are interested in participating and to schedule your date. We look forward to your participation and hope to see many dads at Farney Elementary!


Spring Cleaning! We all need more time to do this! As you are cleaning please look for Farney Library Books! We currently have 1,168 overdue books, which will have to be paid for by the end of the year! I know that many of these books are favorites that other students would LOVE to read. Please look for library books: in the kids’ rooms, under the couch, under the seat of the car or even in the trunk! Send them back so that other students may read them! Thanks! We are VERY thankful for our Library Volunteers!!! You have done a great job all year long!

The Jan Brett Author Visit contest is over! We came in 20th place which means we will get a prize. Only the 1st place team gets an author visit. Thank you for voting for Farney in this contest! We made the top 20 in the nation!


To set up your Zpass + account, go to www.zpassplus.com to create an account. You must have your child’s RFID number (located on the back of the badge attached to their backpack). Once you’ve created an account, you will receive a verification email from Zonar Systems. Verify your account via the email and set up your notification preferences. Download the Zpass + App. You will select enable for each of your children. You will be sent notifications as to when and where students load/unload the bus per your selected preferences. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call 281-373-2850.

Lunch Visitors

Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit during lunch. Any other visitors (grandparents, siblings, friends, etc.), must be accompanied by the parent or guardian or have a note giving them permission to eat with the child. In accordance to CFISD policy, school age children are not permitted to visit the campus at any time. Due to food and nutrition guidelines, you may bring lunch for your child only. For your convenience, there are several tables reserved for you to enjoy lunch with your child. Teachers will call the “Farney Five” at the end of lunch to signal when it is time for your child to say a quick goodbye and rejoin his/her class.

Birthday Celebrations

Student birthdays are acknowledged at school during the morning announcements and in the classroom. Students are not permitted to distribute invitations to personal parties at school. We also do not allow the delivery of gifts such as flowers, balloons, etc. Due to health regulations, you cannot bring cakes, cupcakes, favors, etc. If you'd like your child to celebrate with his/her class, treats may be purchased from the cafeteria with 5 days notice. Contact martha.santacruz@cfisd.net for details.

Reserved Parking

The reserved parking spaces at the front of the school are reserved for Farney staff members who frequently leave from and/or return to the building during the school day. Please do not park in these spaces before school, after school, or during the day. For your convenience, we ask all other staff members to use the back parking lot so that there are dozens of visitor spots available to you in the front of the school. We appreciate your cooperation.

Want To Know How to Help?


We have SO many opportunities for you to volunteer at Farney! We encourage you to get involved in any way you can. If you cannot come in to the school during the day, we have brown bag projects that can be sent home. A strong home/school partnership means success for our children. For more information go to www.farneypto.com.


Open or use your existing Target Visa Card and assign FARNEY ELEMENTARY as your school of choice. Target will make a donation based on your purchases! This is an easy way for friends and family to help our school.


To earn money for our school each time you shop, simply register your Kroger card (cards have to be registered EACH year) online: www.krogercommunityrewards.com


Collecting Box Tops is an easy way to earn money for Farney. The Box Top form is included in this newsletter. Attach your Box Tops to the form and send them in. Each month, the homeroom that turns in the most will win a special treat!


Download the free app and scan your receipts. It's that easy! Shoparoo accepts receipts from grocery, clothing, home improvement, sporting good, clothing stores, restaurants and many more! Farney received $146.96 from last year's Shoparoo receipts. Here's how we can earn even more this year:

  • Snap pictures of receipts from ANY store
  • Earn extra points for every friend you "roo-cruit" to start snapping receipts