Video Games VS Reality

By Christan Wilson


I'am a soft-more student and is learning at F.L. Schlagle High School. Sometimes i ask myself is it good to play video games. And can it help you in some way of sort. So i want to know what's the effects of this happening. And do people have to go through changes or what. So I'm going to share with you what i found.

Essential Question?????

So my essential question is do video games have impact real life situations? I think so I mean it helps problem solving skills to and imagination which could be useful in engineering. But what am I to say what's what. I came up with this question because my uncle well he played video games all his life and still do and is very successful in life by using his skills in video games. So i wander if it can happen to others and could it really help you.

What are some examples!!!!!!

What I want to learn is the good and bad or the differences between video games and the real world and how it will help. Also if i can do it for myself cause it would be good. Their are some good and bad things that could go both ways. Some people think video games are the devil and some think it's useful and actually help with their real life situations.
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