Shared Reading Experiences

One School One Book, May 2016

We invite you to show how reading connects our community during One School One Book month!

Families, we want to feature you reading Frindle or celebrating our elementary One School One Book program on our website. We encourage you to show your participation in the following ways:

Phone Video Tips

  • Stay horizontal. Hold the phone horizontal to avoid black bars around the video.
  • Get close. Stay close for the best sound and to keep the camera steady.
  • Light it up. Make sure the sunlight isn't interfering. If it's night time, turn lots of lights on.

Submission Guidelines

Email everything to Angela Maxwell Hilltop School Librarian, or Shahnyn Moody Benedict, Bryden School Librarian and we will feature it on our One School One Book site! Videos will be uploaded to YouTube and featured on our site. All submissions may be used on various social media sites to share the joy of our community reading experience!