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What's Happening This Week:

Monday: Welcome Back 18-19 District Mtg @ PHS:

7:30-8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30-10:30 District Welcome Mtg.

11:00-12:00 Staff Mtg @ ZE (Library)

12:00-12:45 Provided Lunch (Subway) in Lounge

12:45-2:00 Continued Staff Mtg @ ZE (Library)

2:00-6:00 Work in Rooms, Communicate with Grade Levels/teams/depts.

6:00-7:30 Open House

Tuesday: LIM Aligning Academics Training @ ZE (Library)

*Foodtruck- Hotdog Man & WingNut outside of MS Cafeteria.

Wednesday: First Day of 18-19 School Year [MVR3 Board Mtg @ 6:00PM]

Thursday: Have fun.

Friday: Have fun!

Open House Stations

Below is the powerpoint I will be sharing with parents during my presentation(s). You are free to look it over to make sure we are all communicating the same things!

Back to School Slides:

Also below, is the Open House Flyer the parents will have with they come in to guide them through the night.

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I will be reviewing many things on Monday during our staff meeting with you in the afternoon. Everything I will be reviewing will be in your Teacher LEAD Binder as well, but as anxiety and stresses are high before these first two days back I wanted to share with you the documents so you can look at them as needed.

Schedule at a glance:

Below you will find a link to view as needed - Remember to save a copy to your drive for quick/easy access!

Master Schedule link:

*Pay attention to the Am/PM Duties schedule as they may have changed from previous years because of other factors involved with minutes and scheduling!

Early Release Schedule link:

TENTATIVE PLC Schedule link:

This is not in your LEAD Binder as it will be actively updated and in your Grade Level Google Classroom

Behavior at a glance:

Below you will find a link to view as needed - Again remember to save a copy to your drive for quick/easy access!

18-19 Behavior Protocol link:

*Inside the above protocol you will find a link to ALL the other behavior documents! Please read through the protocol thoroughly or be ready for me to go through it on Monday :)!!!

Also below is an updated version the parent letter for DOJO that also states behavior protocol for you to print and use at Open House!

(I am sorry for not getting this to you sooner if you have already copied and printed the one from last year that is fine don't sweat it!)

Attendance at a glance:

We are going to continue using the Pans and Perfect Attendance letters protocol. I am making new letters to go with the game theme and we are going to make the system much more simple with rewards.

If you have the superhero magnets all together and want to bring them to me I am continuing to use those at CE so I will take them from you. If those letters are gone don't worry about it or if you only have a few just throw them away!

18-19 Attendance Protocol link:

Basically the only reward is when you spell PERFECT ATTENDANCE and once it is spelled look on the protocol for the next extra recess date; your entire class will join me then! As for individual incentives I will have a special lunch table for students who have 95% or better attendance each Quarter.

*All Pans need to be placed behind your door. This way they are all in the same spot across the school - if you need more 3M strips I can get you some.

The only door I think this won't work for is Mrs. Centerino because of the panel - If you just want to hang it low under the panel that would be best. Thanks!

Let's be REAL.

I truly believe this statement: Somebody, somewhere, is doing the exact thing you say you can’t do. They are just finding a way. MINDSET MATTERS.

So here are four steps to remember that I use as a back bone when tackling situations.

  1. Identify what you want to do.
  2. Find someone else who is doing it and learn from them.
  3. If number two doesn’t work, figure out how you can make it happen yourself.

But number 4 is THE most critical part of this and could easily be number one.

4. Want to make it happen. If you want to make it happen, you will figure things out. It might not be easy, but it will happen.

This to me is what makes ZE stand out above the rest. ALL of you WANT to be here and WANT to be the best.

And as for Tiger - She WANTS to win and that is contagious or scary but either way... it works!

We can be our own pathway or our own obstacle. This doesn’t mean things won’t get in your way, but the path to success is often a bumpy road.

WE will find a way.

A blog I follow used this visual and it was an awesome reminder for me!

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So with that... take a deep breathe and know that over the summer the decision to make changes was in the best interest of the students and from the feedback of you guys. There are a LOT of supports and some big changes... the plan on paper is beautiful but I know and am ready to take on the bumps and kinks that we will run into along the way. Come to me for conversation, feedback and reflection and let's work through this together!