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A Peek at our Week

Run, Run, As Fast as You Can...!

Our class has spent the last week and a half diving into many fun versions of the Gingerbread Man! We are using this folk tale to talk about the elements of a story (characters, beginning, middle, end, setting). As we read each story, we add to our chart, which compares the different parts of each story. As of the end of this week, we have read 2 versions of the Gingerbread Man, the Gingerbread Boy, the Gingerbread Girl, the Gingerbread Bear, the Gingerbread Cowboy, and (of course) the Gingerbread Pirates! We will continue our studies into the beginning of next week.

Writer's Workshop

This week many students in our class have started some new narrative (true) stories about things that they have done or like to do in the winter! We are working on adding lots of details to our pictures and words to make it easy for readers to read our writing. Other things that we do to make our reading easy to read include using finger spaces between our words and using the words on our word wall to help us spell.

On Thursday we introduced a checklist to help us make sure that we have added all of the key parts to our writing. When writing true stories we:

1. think about something that has happened to us

2. practice telling the story in a storyteller voice.

3. tell the important parts of the story including who, where, and what

4. listen for the sounds we hear and write the letters that make those sounds

5. add finger spaces to our writing

Science: Sinking Wood Experiment

Last week students were given a small piece of wood and a few materials and they were charged with sinking their wooden piece! We have talked about how wood will not sink unless it is waterlogged or if it has something to help it sink. Students were given paperclips and rubber bands and left to experiment!

It was great seeing our young scientists test out different methods. Some people tried to rest the paperclips on their wood, but quickly found that they didn't stick unless you used the rubber bands! Other students made chains out of the paperclips and tried to sink their wood by connecting their chain to the rubber band on the wood. We learned a great lesson about perseverance and not giving up, even if our first attempt doesn't work!

Quiet Time Read Aloud

Our class has officially transitioned away from quiet time and into a quiet chapter book read aloud after lunch each day. We kicked off this time with our first chapter book, Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. Clementine is a third grader who often finds herself smack in the middle of some wacky scenarios, from cutting off her friend's hair (to be fair, there was glue stuck in it :) to spinning her little brother around her apartment in a wok! While we are enjoying giggling together about Clementine's antics, our class is also practicing retelling and prediction-making during this read aloud time.

With this in mind, I will be encouraging students to take home all quiet time materials (mats, blankets, etc) this week.

Friendly Reminders

Allied Arts for Week of December 15-19

Monday - Computers --> Coding Practice!

Tuesday - Mrs. Potter

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Music/Library

Friday - Library/Music

The Coder Express!

Please check your emails for more information regarding our upcoming event the Coder Express. Pond Cove students have been learning how to do basic computer coding in our computer classes (yes, even Kindergarten students can code!) and we will celebrate this work with a culminating event on Tuesday December 16.

Library Books

Please be sure that on days that our class has library that your child is bringing his/her library book back to school. If you would prefer to have your child keep his/her library book at school for safe-keeping, please let me know and I will have students in our class keep their books in their classroom book baskets for independent reading time.

Contact Information

I hope that these newsletters will give you some great discussion starters to use with your child at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!