Breakfast Poster

What Does Breakfast Mean?

Breakfast gives you strength for the day.
Your in a better mood for the morning.
Helps you concentrate and to remember things easily.

A meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.

There's well-documented evidence showing that eating breakfast correlates with long-term weight loss and weight maintenance," says Charlene Chen, a clinical dietitian with the Vancouver General Hospital.

Okay, we'll admit that some mornings the idea of a meal is just unappealing. If you feel queasy at the idea of choking down toast, try a liquid breakkie instead.

Concoct a simple DIY smoothie with a banana, handful of berries (frozen fruit makes it a snap), low-fat milk and orange juice.

Spacing your calories throughout the day at regular intervals is better than going through a starve-binge routine each day. Don't deprive yourself of breakfast – or other meals for that matter – or you may just find yourself losing control later in the day.

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