Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of December 14th-18th


- 11 out of the 14 5th grade students regularly attending morning tutoring with Mrs. Schaefer have increased their overall IStation reading score! We are working towards that Index 2 Goal (showing growth from one year to the next for our 4th & 5th graders!)

- We have 100% of our ISP's entered! Thank you!!!! I enjoyed seeing us in the Green :)

- Thank you to Irene Suarez & her lovely family for boxing all of 600 pounds of food from the Student Council Drive this past Wednesday.

- Thank you to the Special Education Team/Inclusion Teachers for synergizing these past couple of weeks!

-GPS 3rd-5th grade Readiness Math Kits arrived! This is a great tool for our students who need interventions! We are working towards that Index 1 goal (measures Student achievement).

- Lisa Adams was audited by Central Office and passed with flying colors!!! Great job for keep us in compliance!

-Thank you to our Marvelous Custodians for all that they do on a daily basis. We couldn't run this school without them.

-Congratulations to Jennifer Gearhart for receiving a Superintendent's Award for her assistance at the BOY with sprucing up our front entrance due to her relationship with Home Depot.

-Congratulations to Adrianna White for being randomly selected from the United Way campaign to have lunch with Dr. Gottardy this past Wednesday! (Thanks to her Kinder Team & Mrs. Medina for taking care of the logistics.)

- Thank you to Cheri Wilson & Shelley Howard for attending a LIM coaching session with me on Friday. Also, a big thanks to the Kinder & 5th grade team for watching over her students.

- Thank you to the Foundations Team Members for attending our training this past Wednesday. Thank you to those Rangers who watched over their students as they attended the training!

Featured on our newsletter:

A) 5th grade's 12 days of Christmas/behavior countdown calendar!

B) Think Win-Win Activity posted outside of Ms. Jackson's room!

C) Over 600 pounds collected by our campus to donate to the Food Drive! Great Job Student Council Teachers & Student Reps for putting this together.

Current Events

Monday, 12/14:

-Short Faculty Meeting, Library, 3:00

- 8th day of Christmas...

Tuesday, 12/15:

-Happy Birthday Allison Call!

- Holiday Sing Along, 8:00, Cafeteria

- ARD Day

-9th day of Christmas...

Wednesday, 12/16:

-Happy Birthday Julie Anderson!!

-PTA Holiday Luncheon (10:15-12:45)

-College T-Shirt Day

-Academic Meetings

- CTC Fall Academy, 12-4, Mrs. Schwab

-10th day of Christmas...

Thursday, 12/17:

- Additional ARD Day

- PJ Day for Students & Staff

-11th day of Christmas...

Friday, 12/18:

-Winter Parties:

9:15-10:15 AM, 3rd-5th grades

1-2 PM, K-2nd grades

-Robotics Club, after school

-12th day of Christmas!


-Winter Party announcement:

Winter Party RSVP's are on our Google Drive under office forms. Please make sure to hand them out to those parents who plan on attending your Winter party. These need to be returned to the office by December 14th to give the front office time to pre-print out badges (2nd notice).

- Students and Teachers can wear PJ's on Thursday, December 17th! Please let parents know. We are sending something out through parent link as well.

-If you have a student in 504, please be sure to turn in the accommodation monitoring form (above) for the 2nd Nine Weeks. Please turn in a form even if no instructional accommodations are needed. Medical only 504s just need the word “medical” written across the form with the student’s name and your signature. These forms are due before you leave for the break. - From Mrs. Bagley's email sent on Dec. 7th

- Make sure to lock up your belongings during the day and after school in your classrooms/cars. It's just that time of the year.

Upcoming Events

- Please see the next Ranger Newsletter for January events.

Mrs. Schaefer's 7 habits Tree posted in her classroom!

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