Freshwater Biome Project

By: Mckenzie and Christina

Ponds & Lakes

  • Ponds: Seasonal, lasting just a couple of months.
  • Lakes: May exist for hundreds of years or more.
  • 3 different "Zone" determined by depth & distance from the shoreline:
  1. Topmost - littoral
  2. Near-Surface->Limnetic
  3. Deep-water->profundal

Streams & Rivers

  • Bodies of flowing water moving in one direction.
  • Streams & Rivers can be found everywhere start at headwaters (springs, snowmelts, lakes) and travel to their mouths (water channel or the ocean).
  • Water changes very much during the travel from the headwaters to the mouths.


  • Areas of standing water that support aquatic plants such as marshes, swamps, bogs.
  • Highest species diversity for all ecosystems.
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