portion control

healthy food

nutrition/healthy meal

  1. It must fit your macros.
  2. A healthy meal must contain vitamins.
  3. A healthy meal must contain sufficient fiber.
  4. A healthy meal has a minimum of simple carbs.
  5. A healthy meal helps prevent cancer.
  6. A healthy meal helps keep lipid levels in check.
  7. A healthy meal is free from carcinogens.
  8. Healthy food is free of heavy metals. .
  9. Healthy food is free of poison.
  10. Healthy food helps you maintain low bodyfat.
  11. For some, healthy means low sodium.
  12. Healthy meals dont have things in the ingredients list your grandma wouldn’t recognize!
  13. Genetically Modified Foods are probably best avoided in healthy meals.

physical fitness

to maintain a healthy weight you also need to exercise.

cardio helps you lose fat, feel better, and look better!

cardio does not burn muscle

  • To lose fat and look better! – want 6-pack abs? Only way is to lose fat thru cardio and proper nutrition.
  • Cardio can improve your mood and significantly reduce depression. Its been proven by study after study, cardio can make you happier!
  • Perform better at school or work! Daily cardio reduces mental fatigue and gives you more energy. A recent study from the U of G showed that daily cardio reduces fatigue by 65%
  • To live a longer, healthier life.
  • To help gain muscle.