Alaskan Huskies

Alexsis R

about alaskan huskies

Male Huskie weighs 48-55 pounds. The female weighs 36-45 pounds. They are not considered a type of breed. They all work in a group called a pack. some huskies are considered wolves or wolf dogs. Huskies are very protective over their leader or owner.

training huskies

Alaskan huskies can be very hard to train. You might have to break a habit of him/her jumping on people. That could be one of the hardest habits to break. I have a husky and his 2 habits are 1 to stop jumping on people 2. he loves begging for food.

What kinda tricks do huskies do

My Alaskanhusky likes to sit pretty and likes to shake hand/paw. Your husky may do different tricks. You have to train him/her to do whatever trick you want it to do. Maybe you want it to do roll over or jump or maybe twist you have to train it to do that stuff. My dog chases its tail because we trained him to do th