• *The cat has a long neck, a small broad head short rounded ears.
  • They are black on the back and a long cylindrical tail with a black tip.
  • The coat is a uniform color,hence the Latin name con color varying from silvery gray thought tawny yellow to lights reddish brown.
  • They are 105-196cm body length.The tail length 67-78cm.
  • The male weight is 53-72kg. Also they are know as pumas,mountain lion and panthers

Food chain and habitat

  • The cougar has only one predictor,humans.It is strong otherwise near the top of the food chain.
  • It is predator and it is carnivor so it meat
  • The cougars are located in North America and Central America.the tip of Argentina to chile.
  • The terrain is in the mountains or the plains.
  • The baby codgers are called cubs and male and female are called cougars
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  • It is highly adaptable, found in a diverse range of habitats from desert to tropical rain forrest, also to coniferous forrest from sea level to 5,000 meters in the Andes.
  • Study show that dense understory vegetation preferred.
  • They can also live in open areas with spares vegetation.
  • Although terrestral cougars can swim and climb trees when they need to.
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Reasons for endangerment and critical information

  • The threat to these animals are mostly humans.
  • The kill for fur.
  • Even when their almost at the top.
  • They are the least concerend.
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