Adventure in the Lourve

By: Ian Thompson

The Dramatic Beginning

As the little kid walks into the ruins they don't look like he imagined. Walls are not falling down and there are no rotting bodies. Apperently he was lied to by his evil parents, this was probably one of those educational sites where they expect you to learn stuff. The little boy bolted out of the doors from whence he came, he was not going into a place whose name he couldn't even pronounce. How are you even supposed to say The Louvre? He sprinted pass all the pieces of art, if he had slowed down to actually admire the pieces of art, he would have been amazed.
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The lourve is very dedicated to art the little boy realizes as he walks around trying to find his parents. H e got seperated after sprinting out the door, the wrong door he later realized. The little boy peered at a sign, it read The Louvre holds 35,000 paintings and sculptures. The little boy leaned back in shock. In a building with that much stuff he could be here for a long while. The little boy whipped out his calculator and figured out that it would take 100 days to view every single item in The Louvre if he looked night and day. While he was looking at his calculator he bumped into a sign and looked up to see an arrow pointing to something called the Mona Lisa.
Apparently The Louvre was built for multiple reasons the little boy learned as he listened to the tour guide lecturing to a group of people. He had hoped that his parents would be in this crowd but he couldn't see them. Maybe next he would look in the house King Henri II used while he reigned. The little boy didn't understand why King Henri II lived here because it was primarly used for defense against vikings. The little boy was starting to like The Louvre because it showed the power of England.
Oh no, it looks like the little boy stumbled in to the building of, The Louvre section. The little boy was sure that this would be horribly boring but this was the sort of thing his parents lliked. Scanning all background noise the little boy picked up the fact that someone named Pierre designed the existing Louvre. And by the currently existing it meant that The Louvre had been remodeled 3 times. Finally spotting his parents the little boy rushed to them and urged them to get him out of there so he could fry his brain on video games.

The Not-So-Dramatic Conclusion

In the end the little boy enjoyed the place and actually learned something without even knowing it. Even if he did get lost and didn't find his parents until the very end. After all this he still can't pronounce The Louvre. Although he did admire the magnificent pieces of art.


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