Shooter By Walter Dean Myers

By: Stephen Crosby


Genre: Fiction

Antagonist: Leonard Gray

Protagonist: Cameron Porter

Rated PG-13

The Incident

The Incident took place on April 22nd before the start of school. Leonard Gray and Cameron Porter were the cause of this incident some police sources say. Both of the two men were friends and classmates at Madison High School and some activities they would do are go to the firing range and hanging out after school.

Victim 1 of the Incident

Leonard Gray: deceased

Age/Race: 16/Cauc

Gender: Male

Time of Death: April 22, 9:03 A.M

Victim 2 of the Incident

Brad Williams: deceased

Age/Race: 17/Cauc

Gender: Male

Info: Went to school with Leonard Gray and Cameron Porter. Found dead in the incident.

Victim 3 of the Incident

Carla Evans: Emotional Trauma

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Female

Info: Went to school with Leonard Gray and Brad Williams. Was found in school during incident and went through several interviews with police.

Suspect 1

Leonard Gray: Found inside of school when police arrived holding several weapons.

Suspect 2

Cameron Porter


Info: Found hiding under a desk with several weapons in hands when police arrived. Witnesses state that Mr. Porter was found fighting off Leonard Gray.

Interviewers/Special Agents

Dr. Richard Ewings: Interviewed Cameron Porter

Special Agent Victoria Lash: Interviewed Cameron Porter

Dr. Franklyn Bonner: Interviewed Carla Evans

Sheriff William Beach Mosley: Interviewed Cameron Porter


Many of the students from this incident did not die, several got injured but, their names were never released. Cameron Porter, Carla Evans, and Leonard Gray were all friends during the incident but soon stopped after two of the three thought it was getting out of hand. Then in the school the fight for survival began.