The Government Created AIDS!

By: Trevor Jones

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

  • Who: The United States Government
  • What: The creation of Aids
  • Where: In a secret government lab
  • Why: To wipe out minorities and/ or homosexuals
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Perspective #1

"We believe HIV is the product of intent. We believe AIDS is the product of design," Boyd E. Graves. He believes that Aids was created to kill black people, justifying that 38% of all aids cases are African-American, yet it only represents 12% of the population, according to a report by the U.S. Centers for disease control. He claims the government spent $550 million dollars to create the virus. Below shows an image of a secret government document of flow charts for the programs, one to create and develop a virus called cancer, and a virus identical to aids. The picture was taken in 1971, 14 years before before the Aids virus was discovered.

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Perspective #2

Shortly after the hepatitis B vaccine experiments using gay men as guinea pigs. The first AIDS cases were recorded in Manhattan in 1979, a few years before the epidemic was first noticed in Africa, Proving the original theory that a primate's jumping-virus doesn't add up, to how the homosexuals in Manhattan contracted it first, which could never be explained. During the 1970's a large amount of homosexuals "came out of the closet" and identified themselves as gay men. Gays were avidly sought as volunteers to test the efficacy of a newly-developed hepatitis B vaccine. By 1977 over 13,000 Manhattan gays were screened to secure 1083 gay men who would serve as guinea pigs to be tested on. By the end of the decade an additional 1402 gay men were experimented on from Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St. Louis. Shortly after is was labeled "gay related immune deficiency syndrome" later called aids, to lead the gay community to be the most hated minority in America.
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Media Bias

The reason this is such a controversy is because its two different theory's. The "original" theory of a primates virus jumping to humans in Africa, however does share some linkage with the first perspective of why Africans were able to contract it in huge numbers. However it does not line up withe second perspective saying it was created as a "gay holocaust" and why the homosexual men in Manhattan contracted the virus before cases in Africa even sprouted up. And why the numbers match up with those experimented on for the hepatitis B vaccine, matches up with the cases of AIDS. None have truly been proven to be correct.

Criticism #1

People exclaim the theory it was made to kill African Americans say its just bias because the theory originated from an African American. He does have what he claims to be actual evidence from the highly secret lab, however could just as easily be a fake. I've noticed its more historical cultural criticism because he exclaims the government was trying to kill African Americans, which goes to historical and the times of slaves and not considering Africans to be legal citizens and are nothing more than property with no rights.

Criticism #2

Criticism 2 isn't blatantly biased, as it is about the homosexuals, but non-homosexuals are also big supporters in this theory, and however these people could be closely related to someone who is or has been infected with Aids. Both have evidence, but criticism 2 has the numbers and dates to back it up, unlike a few documents that may or may not be real. i believe this is also cultural criticism, as the government and very religious people do not agree with homosexual views but times are changing and they are more and more accepted in everyday society.


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