2015 Year in Review

Alex C.


One of the top brands in 2015 due to the increase in both revenue and stock. Ads by Nike also dominated the airways.
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Coca-Cola in 2015 has achieved success by sponsoring things like Nascar NBA and the NCAA. in 2015 they had their successful ad campaign #makeithappy
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They succeeded in both advertising and selling the iPhone 6s. Their totaling profit for the year was around 230 billion dollars. There were over 13 million sales of the iPhone 6s in 2015.
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iPhone 6s

Over 13 million of the 6s units were sold in 2015. I would want to get it but i have the iPhone 6
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These toys are wanted by people everywhere due to their popularity by people everywhere. This mode of transportation seems to be amazing, defiantly on my list of things to buy.
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It does too much and it also crashes on its most important function playing video games. I am also a fan and user of the ps4.
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Selfie Stick

A simple idea a stick that allows videos and pictures to be taken with a larger scope
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Taylor swift

Her power and influence as an artist was felt when she was able to influence apple to pay her and other artists to pay them for music.
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Most successful year with her selling her album titled 25. This album sold many copies on its release.
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Star wars

A very successful film using both new and old casts. its projected to make over 2 billion dollars worldwide.
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Jurassic World

Has a true fan-base by making a sequel to the original in 2015.
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Top ten paid athletes

  1. Phil Mickelson pro golfer making a lot of money
  2. Tiger woods making over 55 million off of multiple sponsorship, a pro golfer
  3. Kobe Bryant pro basketball player making money off of his career and his sponsorship with Nike
  4. Lebron James makeing 53 million off of sponsorships alone, a NBA player
  5. Lionel Messi a pro soccer player, making over 63 million dollars in total earnings.


For personal improvement I would like to become more active whether that be sports or anything involving movement.

For family and friends I would like to back talk less, be less rude to some people.

For school and other things I would like to improve my work ethic.

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