October Newsletter

Ms. Beyer's Grade 1 Class

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It is hard to believe that we are well into the month of October and the cooler weather is now upon us. Since the Fall weather is often changeable, please ensure you send a jacket and/or sweater to school with your child each day. Also, we have had a few incidents where children have ventured into the mud at recess or fallen in wet areas of the yard. If you have not already done so, please place an extra pair of pants, socks, and underwear, in your child’s school bag.


Our Lost and Found is growing clothing! Please ensure your child’s clothing is labelled. It is much easier for children and teachers to locate articles of clothing when it is labelled and the child’s name appears on the item. Children often do not recognize their own clothing when it is in the big Lost and Found pile. If your child is missing an article of clothing, please feel free to stop by the Lost and Found boxes located in the Kindergarten wing and by the Main Office.

Progress Report Cards

Progress Report Cards will be coming home on November 5th. Progress Report Cards will highlight the two learning skills we have worked on in detail (Responsibility and Self-Regulation) since the beginning of the school year. Each family will receive an interview time to discuss your child’s progress with your child’s English teacher.


In Grade One, we celebrate Hallowe’en by wearing black and orange. On Friday, October 30, the children will participate in fun activities throughout the day. Due to the allergies in our classrooms, please refrain from sending in food treats with your child. Items such as pencils, erasers, or stickers, may be a better choice and respect healthy living.


Our Reading focus are decoding strategies. Below you will find a chart explaining each strategy and the language we use in the classroom to explain and practice each strategy.

Stuck on a word?

Eagle Eye - Look at the pictures!

· Look at the picture for clues

Lips the Fish - Get your lips ready!

· Say the first few sounds of the new word

· Read to the end of sentence and say it again

Stretchy Snake - Stretch it out!

· Stretch the word out slowly

· Put the sounds together

Chunky Monkey - Chunk the Word!

· Look for a chunk that you know (-at, -an)

· Look for a word part (-ing, -er)

Skippy Frog - Skip It, Skip It!

· Skip the word

· Read to the end of the sentence

· Hop back and READ IT, READ IT!

Tryin’ Lion - Try it again!

· Try to reread the sentence

· Try a word that makes sense

Helpful Kangaroo - Ask for help!

· Ask for help (after you have tried all of the other strategies

Never let the word win. Read on!!!!

In Writing, we have started printing our words of the week in our writing journal. In guided groups we are learning to generate and print simple sentences. Students are beginning to recognize and identify the 5 criteria for a good sentence. We will be using this criteria list when we begin writing sentences independently.

1 – Begin with an upper case letter.

2- Put a finger space between each word.

3 – Spell words correctly (words of the week should be memorized and spelled correctly, other words should be sounded out – stretched – and spelled using logical phonetic skills).

4 – It makes sense.

5 – End with a punctuation mark.

Please continue to focus on proper pencil grip and upper and lower case letter formation.


We are working on solving number problems using addition and subtraction. Please continue to work on addition and subtraction facts with your child. We will also be learning about telling time to the hour, and matching events from our day to the appropriate time. We will also reviewing Canadian coins and their value, as well as adding money to $1.00.

Useful Math Website for Tutorials and Practice:



Physical and Health Education

We are working on soccer skills and ball control. We will be moving onto throwing and catching activities. Fundamental skills, participation, safety, and fair play are key components to our physical education classes. In Health Education, we are reviewing bus safety, climber safety, and fire safety. We will be moving on to emergency preparedness and injury prevention in the upcoming month.

Religion and Family Life

We are focusing on belonging to our community and highlighting the Catholic Graduate Expectation of Stewardship. Our Grade One Social Justice Initiative is the Ottawa Humane Society. We are learning about the stories of Jesus and practising the Our Father.


We are still exploring Seasonal changes and how animals prepare for winter.

Important Dates To Remember:

School Council Meeting: Oct. 26

Grade 3 – 6 Photo Day: Oct. 27

Grade 1, 2 & Kindergarten Photo Day: Oct. 28

Halloween Bake Sale: Oct. 29

Orange & Black Day & News Show: Oct. 30

Halloween Family Dance: Oct. 30

Matisse Project: Paper Cut Outs

We learned about the famous Artist Henri Matisse. We observed how he created his art works and the techniques he used. We then collected the materials we needed to try "Paper Cut Outs". Each student created their own very Masterpiece!

Big image
Art with Mati and Dada – Henri Matisse | Kids Animated Short Stories in English
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